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can I post a picture on here?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by lyon, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. lyon

    lyon G&G Newbie

    please tell me how.:confused:
  2. Robert

    Robert Member

    We are supposed to be able, but I just tried it 3 times and it didnt work. I even reduced the picture to about 1/10 th of the maximum allowed size. I am sure it will get straightened out. Apparently the guys have been working night and day straightining out the little bumps in the new format.
    It looks like you have to click on New Thread to open the place to post them.

  3. lyon

    lyon G&G Newbie

    thanks Robert, I do appreciate your assistance.
  4. Do you want a picture in a post or under your name?

    Pictures can be put in a post by using the IMG utility which will apprar abpve the box where you type your message. It has to be a web site address. I will be like this: [​IMG]

    If you want to attach a file from your computer the attach file utility is below the box where you type your message. It won't show up as a picture in your post but can be clicked on to show it. The attachment will show up like this:
  5. lyon

    lyon G&G Newbie

    thank you sir.