Can someone explain this to me?

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  1. Cyrano

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    New York
    One of the reasons we got a new two burner grill was because the old Weber is about rusted out, though still useable. The new Cuisinart (recommended by ncnascarlady, who had a similar one years back) worked fine the first four times we used it, but then stopped working.

    I had purchased an in-line fuel gauge so I would not get caught out by a low tank as I was recently. I put the gauge in the line, and those four times everything worked. I figured Step One was to take the gauge out of the line and hook directly into the tank and see what happened. The Cuisinart fired right up.

    Okay, so I have the grill working again. But why would it work fine with a brand new tank with no muck in the threads or the feeds of the gauge, then stop working?
  2. runfiverun

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    you didn't use any plumbers tape did you?

  3. chesterwin

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    My grandfather taught me long ago, "the less on the line, the better".

    That pertained to fishing, but carries into other things. Keep a spare propane bottle.
    The regulators can get funky.
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  4. Cyrano

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    New York
    No. The package said to simply screw it to the regulator and then to the tank. I did. Worked fine for a bit, then stopped working.
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  5. chesterwin

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    I use rubber chair foot caps to cover the ends of my propane lines to keep the mud dobber wasp out. Trash in the regulator slows or stops the gas flow. I'm sure they have a reason, but those dobbers are a pain.
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  6. No clue why the gauge was the problem but I'm glad you got the grill sorted out. Have you looked over the gauge to see if it has some sort of shut off? That's the only thing I can think of.
  7. mitchr

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    IMO, man made stuff just likes to mess with us!:rolleyes: Last week, couldn't get the flame up to sear our steaks, as I like to do. The propane bottle I was using didn't have a gauge on it, so I assumed it was getting low. Pulled it & put in a new bottle, but still no high flame. From the weight of it, the old bottle still had plenty of gas! :oops: Took longer to cook at 200 degrees, but still turned out okay.

    Thought maybe grease had partially clogged the burners, even though there are guards to prevent that, & figured I'd see about cleaning them. The next day, prior to doing that, I fired it up again & normal high flame!! Haven't figured that one out yet!:(

    For the OP, I do know that friction is present in a line, even if the medium is gas/air & any added components can add to that friction loss. One thought I have is, if any moisture in the gas, could it have caused your regulator to clog? I'm sure some tiny orifices are involved & it wouldn't take much.
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  8. Cyrano

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    No shutoff on it, ncnascarlady. It's a straight flow-thru pressure gauge type. I guess I can make use of it by just disconnecting the regulator line every so often and hooking the gauge up, then opening the valve to see what the level in the tank is. The gauge seems to work okay for that.
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  9. rando

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    These regulators are so cheap and mass produced for these grills now. I had the same thing happen before to a new grill. I bought a new regulator and replaced it. Its like they get vapor locked from the pressure sometimes. I would have to turn the tank off and relieve pressure and turn it back on. Either that or unscrew connector from propane tank and then open burners to relieve all pressure. Then reinstall and try to get it to light. Im thinking its the regulator for sure.
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  10. ChaZam

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    Hmm Roy, I would suspect a faulty inline gauge if you removed it from the system and everything works now.
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  11. reverendg

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    Did you turn on the burners first, then the tank. There is a leak safety system on newer propane valves, if it sees low pressure when turned on, it assumes a leak, and the valve closes, even though you have it turned on.
    Always turn on at the tank first, then give it a few seconds, then turn on burners and light.
    Learned this the hard way on our new Weber a few years back.
    The kids have our old Weber, which we took off our sister’s hands when they got a new one ten yrs or so back. The kids love that old beaten Weber, they even moved it into the backyard of their nice newer home.
  12. Cyrano

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    New York
    I always go tank, burner valves, igniter, just as I am supposed to. It is just curious that it worked fine for a couple of days, then stopped working.
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    When my webber clamshell grill acts up like that, usually the regulator is iced up. let it sit for a while, gas off,pressure bled off, the ice block (frozen condensation, moisture in the tank) will usually melt and the gas again flows. Happens often during our 98-98 days here in SW Floriduh.

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  14. blaster

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    mud dauber wasps were the cause of my last propane grill problem.
  15. mitchr

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    They have filled every hole, cavity, etc in every tool/machine I have!:( They seem to love the counter sunk screw holes, so ya gotta clean 'em out to get to the screw!
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  16. reverendg

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    Spider webs in the burner connection hole wreak havoc out this way.
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  17. AK Hunter

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    I have burned up one gas grill from the spider webs in the burner. I fired it up & closed the lid to let it heat up. But when I came out to put the meat on it was on fire. One of the five burners was open & lit from the push lighter, then the gas flowing from the orifices in the other burners ran back caught fire & set the plastic knobs on fire. I was able to get the garden hose to put the fire out after shutting the gas off. The grill was totaled.
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  18. Cattman

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    shake the tank really good, that helped ours.
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  19. D Crockett

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    well ladies and gentlemen you guys can fight those gas grill all you want I my self have had to fight my grill o that right not one time all I do is put in some wood in it and light it wate a while for the coals to get going and put on what ever kind of meat that I am cooking I have had my grill the same one going on 17 years now and have cooked every thing from fish to wild hog on it just to let you know I made this grill the first year we moved in here if any one wants to learn how I make them pm me and I can get you started D Crockett
  20. It is a plot by Fidel Castro to undermine your moral and ruin your dinner. He did the same with me on my grill, but it was auto-light push button.