Can we PLEASE be like the British

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    For so many years us gun-nuts...cowboy wannabees have been told that the Brithish are so much more "cultered" and less crime oriented...that theEnglish crime rates show that gun control works....Welp it looks like the British have decided to quit useing the ENron acocunting methouds and come clean..... Now I figure if the USA had crime rates like these I would not be a gun nut but considered "prepared and forward thinking"... So lets get some Bangers and Mash and act more british...rember I like my Beer Shaken not stired. :) Oh read the last part..the GOVEMENT will reduce crime by September...Welp my english homiees its almost AUGEST I recomend you start the political spin...we ment of 2010 not 2002.

    True crime figures set to reveal 40 per cent increase
    By David Bamber, Home Affairs Correspondent
    (Filed: 07/07/2002)

    The true level of crime is as much as 40 per cent higher than official figures show.

    Home Office statistics, drawn up by traditional methods, will this week show that 5.5 million crimes were committed in the 12 months to March 31, an increase of six per cent on the previous year.

    They will be dwarfed, however, by the next set of results, due to be published in October. New, more accurate methods of counting crime will reveal a huge leap in offences and show the extent of crime in Britain.

    Surveys of crime levels by several police forces, obtained by The Telegraph, show that up to 6,000 more crimes are being committed every day than the current official national figures suggest.

    Previously the police have recorded only incidents that were actively pursued. From April 1, however, all police forces were ordered by David Blunkett, the Home Secretary, to record every crime reported to them so that figures were more accurate. The early results have shocked Mr Blunkett, according to Home Office officials.

    In the past, many minor crimes have been overlooked if there were a more serious incident to be dealt with: for instance, a theft following a murder would rarely be counted. Some crimes have also not been recorded because the victim withdraws a statement or complaint or because officers thought the offence too trivial to pursue.

    The new figures obtained by The Telegraph show that in Devon and Cornwall there there were 23,894 offences committed in April and May this year - 40 per cent more than the old figures for the corresponding months in 2001.

    In Humberside, total crime in April and May was up from 17,817 last year to 21,552 this year - a 21 per cent increase. Violent crime in Humberside was up 38.5 per cent, robberies more than doubled from 165 to 358, assaults rose from 1,595 to 2,497 (up 56 per cent) and vehicle crimes soared from 3,040 to 3,984 (up 31 per cent).

    In Northumbria, which covers Newcastle upon Tyne, crime was up 18.5 per cent in April, compared with April last year, with violent assaults trebling.

    In the Metropolitan Police area there was a monthly average of 88,000 crimes but in May this year it was 97,531, up more than 11 per cent, despite a high-profile attempt to curb street crime. The Prime Minister had promised to cut the growth in street crime by September.
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    Maybe NOW they will finally pass some some laws against crime.

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    Hey DogL,
    good to hear someone outside the UK giving vent to the problems we have with "Law and Order"!!!! I just wish that the present government would have the balls to instigate a Zero Tolerance profile - it would make a big difference, along with extra police on the street!!!
    Be good out there!

    IanB.:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: