Canoes, Kayak, Row Boats?

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  1. Jack Ryan

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    Self propelled, no motor, water travel? Pics, comments 'n stories?

    RWB snow kayak.jpg Richard Boat Ladder Portage at Tang 67.jpg
    Meh, motor / anchor, same thing.
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    New York
    When I was seven years old, we vacationed on an island in Maine friends of my parents owned. The whole family had houses on the island. There were no kids my age, and Mom and Dad did not want me spending all my time reading on a lawn chair (which I would have been delighted to do). The grandfather of their friends had checked me out in one of the family rowboats primarily used to row across the harbor to let people go into town to fetch groceries and ice back to the island the previous year. Those flat-bottomed boats had been built back in the 1890s or thereabouts, and were still sound as the day they were launched. I was encouraged to spend my time exploring the harbor and the waters around the island. I spent a fair bit of time fishing and exploring, since I was such a skinny kid the draft of the boat was maybe 6 inches at the most.

    One day after a storm, I was checking out an inlet and came on a birch tree in the middle of a bed of seaweed. The cottage was heated by a woodstove, fueled by driftwood, which I picked up wherever found, including floating in the water. This birch tree was a real find. The thing was, it was much too big for me to get into the boat, and the only line I had available was the mooring line in the bow, maybe 6 feet of 3 inch line.

    So I put a clove hitch around the biggest root, and commenced to tow it home, which was somewhere between 2/10ths and 3/10ths of a mile away. The tide was against me, although it did help me get out of the seaweed patch. It took me something like 90 minutes to get the tree back to the dock on the island. I found out later that Mom and her friend watched me from the living room window, sitting back from it so I would not see them, wondering if they ought to have the friend's 16 year old son "just happen" to take out his 16 foot fiberglass runabout, "see me," and take over the tow of whatever it was I was dragging along. They finally decided not to, but Dad and his friend, Mom's friend's husband (they were two of a kind and thick as thieves, working on all kinds of projects) "just happened" to wander down to the dock as I pulled up to it. They got a line on the birch tree and used the block and tackle reserved for this sort of thing to pull it out of the water and throw it on the driftwood pile.

    That tree was about 12 inches across and 30 feet long. It would have been a lot easier to tow if I had had maybe 25 feet of 3 inch line so I could secure it to one of the seats and tow with the bow forward instead of aft, and on such a short towline! But I had read enough to know the law of the sea was, if you get a line on it, it's yours; and I didn't want to risk rowing home, finding some line in the shed, rowing back, and discovering someone else had a line on it. Although I hadn't discovered Sailor Malan's "10 Rules of Aerial Combat" at that age (I had only been reading for 3 years), it seemed I had an intuitive understanding about Rule No. 6: "The second-best plan, carried out promptly, is better than the best plan carried out too late."

    That birch tree was the kindling and fire-starter for a lot of fires in the woodstove for quite awhile after that.
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    I have one of those "fishing kayaks" Old Town sells. I love it. Very maneuverable while paddling along shorelines shallow rivers. It isn't very tippy.

    This was a replacement for the 1970 Old Town, "Royalex" plastic, 17 foot canoe that I have. It isn't seaworthy anymore. the plastic has gotten so brittle that it will probably snap in 2 in the middle of the lake.
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    Richard Brandon BLP 61.jpg

    I go fishing in Canada sometimes at a fly in camp I've been using for years. A couple years ago I took my nephew after he graduated high school to spend a week up there. They have access to several other lakes than the one the camp is on and this is how the portages are set up. They call them boat ladders and it is just like a ladder made from logs laying on the ground up over a bank and down the other side to go from lake to lake.

    The trappers in the area usually build them in winter but every one shares the use and and maintenance.
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  5. rando

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    IMG_20180107_21MEMEME.jpg When I was young and grew up in a waterfront community. Everyone had boats. The community rec. center rented wooden skiffs with oars. It was cheap and we fished and crabbed out of them. They were also built and repaired by the neighborhood parents and older kids. We had mostly wooden boats back then. The kayaks were not like the ones now with pump pedals and mechanical pedal driven props and fins. They had a hole with a skirt you tightened around your waist. Was to keep water out because they would sink. Most people built their own small boats and canoes. I built a few growing up. This is the last fishing skiff I built.

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  6. Jack Ryan

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    That's COOL!

    I never got further than just buying the plans for wooden boats and sailboats.
  7. rando

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    Ii never bought plans but read books on boat building many years ago. There are so many ways to build. There are stitch and glue if you look it up where you drill holes and stitch wire like sewing. You fiberglass over the seams. I have glued and nailed with Copper, Monel, and Stainless nails too. The last one I used almost 800 screws which were S.S. and brass wood screws. Each predrilled with a pilot hole and counter sunk. That boat will not break apart easily. My son still has the boat in Tennessee and uses it in the huge lakes and reservoir's
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  8. Stickman

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    I've always loved canoes. Right now I have an Easy Rider TSL-2 that I got when I was 16 and an old no name aluminum 16 footer that, even though it leaks, is my favorite for the lake.
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  9. mrmike7189

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    I have an Old Town 16 ft Camper canoe. red, like my shirt! 20200930_081919_HDR_2.jpg royalex,
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  10. rando

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    I had one years ago and rivets were leaking just a little. I mixed up fiberglass resin and painted it over rivets on bottom.
  11. Jack Ryan

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    My first boat experience was with my dad and I must have been 8 or 10. My dad wanted a boat for fishing, oh man he wanted that so bad and FINALLY scraped together the extra cash for a brand new aluminum flat bottom john boat. I don't remember exactly how long that was but NO WAY it was more than 10 feet and probably only 8.

    We rowed that up and down the Flat Rock river on the edge of town and felt like the top squirrel in the tree!

    After a while one of his brothers from over in N Carolina gave him an old Merc outboard. Of course it didn't run but dad put that in a barrel full of water and tinkered with that thing for weeks until he got it to run and stay running and then seemed to run pretty darn good. "Let's go test this thing?"

    Man those were some times, I got a hundred stories about us and that boat but I don't think I EVER caught a fish out of it in 50 years.
  12. Stickman

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    I’m hoping that if it gets a good coat of urethane paint on the seams it’ll be ok.
  13. Stickman

    Stickman Less well known member Forum Contributor

    I've done the same thing, I've got so many books on boat building that they take up several shelves!

    The last few years though I've really gotten into jet boat river running. The right boat can really get you to some amazing fishing grounds.
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  14. chesterwin

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    I had a 22 foot boat rebuilt from a fire settlement purchase with a 115 ourboard that I did near offshore fishing with. Went to a 25 footer with twin 470's inboards with outdrives that I took 30-40 miles out to the Gulf Stream. A few close calls has me whittled down to Kayaks and Canoes. Still got the gear for the big fish, but it'll take a 45 foot plus boat to get me to do what I used to in a 25.
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  15. I've been thinking about getting a fishing kayak but I'm not sure what to get. Any suggestions to narrow it down?
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  16. runfiverun

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    your gonna be looking at about a thousand bucks to get something YOUR comfortable in set up and going half decent.
    they make some kayaks you can stand up in now, and knowing you I'd go with something like that,,,, and not stand up in it.
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  17. big shrek

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    The perfect boat...

    The upgraded Perfect Boat...
  18. Too true! LOL
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  19. BigEd63

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    The Redneck Yacht Club?:usa:

    I used to have a little fishing kayak made in Canada. Can't recall the maker but it was basic and fairly stout. Only trouble was it was not as stable as I wanted it to be. Never tipped it over but still. Was a fairly cheap one and my height making it top heavy didn't help nor it's size at maybe 8-1/2 ft.:rolleyes:
  20. Sav .250

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    I have a Kayak. Got it t Bass Pro. Great for all the smaller lakes that we have .
    The only problem though, is gators. I`ve had plenty of run in`s with them.
    They do like to "inspect" anything in there domain.
    Especially when fishing a top water lure. Any racket caused by it, is like ringing the dinner bell. At times it looks like feeding time at the farm. Hey, this is Florida.
    Catch some fish. View the wild life. Watch your back. Just another day on the
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