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  1. I ordered a CW 45 and an extra mag from and they cancelled the order; will not ship magazines to CT...the arm in question is a 6 round in CT.... sucks
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    I guess the message here is, well, reconsider CT voting traditions.
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  3. I spoke with a nice guy at CDNN, Owen; he said it is their policy to only magazines to FFLs in CT no private sales to individuals... it is their policy I can live with it... the CW 45 is on its way with one magazine, I found a new spare on eBay
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    Sounds like, it all worked out for you.
  5. There's a lot to be said for living in Connecticut (and any other state with "progressive" gun laws). None of it's good,,,but there's still a lot to be said.
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  6. I picked the CW45 up at my FFL last week, my second 6 shot magazine came from eBay and I bought a 7 shot Officer ACT magazine from and my kydex holster arrived as well. The CW45 has a long but extremely smooth DAO trigger, perhaps one of the nicest triggers I've used.....As I wanted to break the gun in, Kahr recommend shooting 200 rounds to prove the gun, I shot it for 100 rds and not a problem. I really like the sights, they are a white notch in the rear bottom and a white dot on the front sight. The gun functioned flawlessly with the two Kahr magazines as well as the ACT 1911 7 shot mag. I really like the fit and finish on the fit and finish on the gun. Been shooting hardball to prove the gun going to try some SD ammo soon. Alls well that ends well, I will by fron CDNN but since they will no longer ship CT legal magazines to individuals I will buy my mags elswhere....
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    those who fund our enemies (with tax $) are not our friends