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Finally got to do the long awaited cheapo-carbine shootout.
My new Hi-point vs. my buddy Keith's KelTec Sub2000.
First on the line, my Hi-Point - it felt like a carbine should, light and handy but solid and reassuring. A 4X scope replacing the adjustable open sights.
100 rounds fired - a box of Federal 115 grain FMJ and a box of Winchster 115 grain FMJ. Both worked flawlessly - no FTE's or FTF's, no jams, no hiccups at all. Easy 1 inch groups at 25 yards, and generally all shots kept in a three inch circle at 50 yards. Quite alright for a cheapo carbine. The trigger needs a bit of work, but otherwise - two thumbs up!
The KelTec acted as I expected - functioned perfectly with no hiccups. Worked perfectly with the same ammo. The bad news - the stock still don't fit. Way to short, and very difficult to get my head low enough with my "ears" on to see properly thru those abominable "sights". This thing is crying for a red dot! But, that would obviate it's big claim to fame - the folding feature.
Accuracy was about the same as the Hi-point - three inches at 50 yards - even with those horrid sights. The trigger was better than Hi-point's, but the grip is uncomfortable.
So, for function, reliability and accuracy - a tie.
For ergonomics and "fun factor" - the Hi-point get's the nod. :cool:
Doglips, I'm a believer! Long live the Hi-point! ;)
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