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  1. Just sent my M1 Carbine stock off to Rick to do his magic. StockDoc, when you get the stock, I'd be interested on your take regarding the serial number on the stock - I had been told it was Israeli, but you thought different?

    (Sorry - I know this is the GARAND forum!)
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    Rick has a good question and hope some other can shed some light on what I was told over the years. The first photo is Rick's stock and I was told these were Danish number's from the Police. The second photo was always presented to me as Israeli markings of a star and FAT 84. Well any help or history would be appreciated and I have had the FAT 84 on a Garand stock which Walt Kuleck has taken down to the GCA convention this weekend to get some thoughts on. Rick



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    "FAT" on Carbine stocks

    I've always thought the "FAT" stock markings are Italian. They're found often on Carcano rifles that were rebuilt post-war. I was told they were also a producer of the Carcano during the war (someone once told me what FAT actually stands for, but right now it escapes me).

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    Ciao FAT mean Fabbrica armi Terni that is the official army arsenal situate in Terni city, and the star is the simbol of the italian army, . Ciao Ric
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    Thank you Joe and Riccardo that is helpfull and I can't argue with Riccardo as he lives there. I was told by Walt he thought it was Italian but he was the only one so far to say this so he was correct in his theory.
    Riccardo still waiting for some more good photo's? Rick B
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    Ciao Rick,
    Just for your curiosity, there are still hundreds of thousand of this carbine in terni arsenal,most in good and a lot in mint condition, During my army service here in Italy, with the Beretta 92SB the carbine it was my personal gun .
    Good photo soon, you will not beleve but I cannot have back my battlefield garand ! Ciao Ric
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    I heard Italy was going to destroy 15,000 Carbines a few years back was this true?
    Did the guy keep the Garand or did the Country confiscate it? I really wished I could get over there and do some metal detecting with you one day. Heck I would never want to come home hehehe. Maybe I could live with distant relatives but my collection would be lost since it can't come with me. Thanks Rick B
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    Ciao Rick, yes they destroy a lot of guns, carbine , garand, 1903, thompson etc. After 2ww Italian had a lot of American and English guns a lot of them was left here in Italy. Unfortunatly due a stupid mentality they cannot sell guns to private people, you can buy them only if you have a sepcial license, after 2 years of paper work you will have the possibility to go there and take your guns previus assigned . The problem is that during this time they go on with the distroy of tons of guns.
    The problem of my battlefield garand is that the guy that own it gave it to a local museum of the 2ww relics, he told me that he will get back soon , but I think it will be difficult.
    Come in Italy it will be very interesting for you, i will show battlefield site where US soldiers die for our freedom

    Ciao Riccardo
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    I commend you for saying "I will show battlefield site where US soldiers die for our freedom " as today many dont see it that way. I'm am proud to see you make this statement as many times for instance I here French people state what a bunch of idiots Americans are and we should not have gotten involved or that they won the war and didn't need us. Seems they have a goofy history class over there. People are very easily persuaded into believing anything and again I commend you for mentioning what that generation of people did to save many counties including yours. There were many lives lost of many different nationalities all for a power hungry group.
    If we didn't have guns today it would be worse as many large groups would just come to towns and take over doing as they want. Many leaders are lost in knowing what could happen if you dont teach people right from wrong with enforcement of laws instead of trying to remove guns or anything they think is bad. But the minute something bad happens they are quick to buy a gun for protection. Many own guns but are afraid of the people owning one. This is why in our country we are allowed to own guns. We as people {Militia} are to be able to take over the Government if they get out of hand for instance if they act like Hitler who made gun control #1 on his list in the early 30's. This way he was able to take over the people with no resistance. IN America it is law for us to own guns but many people are falling into the believe that guns are bad with the media spreading false rumors daily.
    They have a killer shooting folks in Washington with a supposed Sniper rifle. The town showed a bunch of guns as possible Sniper rifles. All were different calibers which the average person has no clue of yet in the article they said the ballistics came back to one caliber. Now if people see any of those guns they seen on the front page of the paper they will call them bad evil sniper rifles. This is prejudice and very wrong but the media wont retract it if corrected. This is Americas biggest downfall right now.
    Sorry for the rant but I get ashamed that gun owners dont get together and pay for commercials on networks talking about the rights and wrongs in our government. Our government wants to blame objects not people yet cars kill 100 times maybe 1,000 times the amount of people a gun does and they refuse to see a ban on cars. Guns actually kill less than just about anything. More children are killed on bicycles a year. They also consider a child 24 years old in there poll on gun fatalities in order to get the amount up a bit more. Rick B:rolleyes:
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    Thank You Stock Doc

    Here's one for you,

    Can't wait for this years tally of the west nile virus, could it be that a back yard picnic bite could kill more people than the
    dreaded accidental home shooting...

    Yes, I know it is trerrible example but the subject is way over dramatized in the media while the vest nile is under in my opinion.

    I have been raised around them ALL my life, and I'll die that way.
    The Old man (my day) wouldn't let me pick up a hacksaw with out instructions first, and firearms were no diffrent. One in every room. - Part of life when living next to the murger capitol of the world, GARY Indiana.

    Let's save the children, write your congress man to outlaw misquitos today.