Carbon 15

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Jesse, Mar 16, 2002.

  1. Jesse

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    Anybody have any experience with the Professional Ordnance Carbon 15?
  2. Klaus

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    Well, I handled one at alocal store. The gun is incredibly light. It also seems to be quite modified from the AR-15 pattern. I liked it, may buy it. It looked to be of high quality, though the price was good compared to more conventional ARs. I do not think many of the addons and upgrade parts will fit this rifle.

  3. nspark56

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    My opinion only. In a word, "junk"
  4. j schwindler

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    One person I talked to bought one for his mother and said it was great.
    I'm thinking of getting one for the wife because she's small and even an AR dissipator is a bit awkward for her to lug around with a full mag.
  5. I own two. They easily shoot under 2" groups at 100 yards (1.4" is my best using a mag pouch as a rest while lying prone). Not a problem in 500 rounds with either rifle. Recoil is so lite, my wife claimed one for herself. If you have one you call "junk," send it back to Bushmaster and they will fix it. At 4.5lbs, excellent accuracy, reliable, you can't beat it.
    Allan Schisel