Carcano model 1941..???

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Robert Verkest, Sep 7, 2002.

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    I'm checking this out for a friend, who picked up a Carcano rifle, was told it a model 1941, it's marked on the barrel 1943 xx1 ARMAGUERR , QC848 with some other marks , on the stock marked :FAT 1947 QC 848 I'm trying my hand at posting some pics with this message.
    Can anyone help us ID this rifle

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    Ciao Bobert, I cannot open your attacht pictures, I guess it is a 91/41 model cal 6,5x 52 carcano. it is very similar at the 91 lungo type used in the 1 ww, the main different is on the smaller rear sight and the lenght of the barrel is about 10 cm short. The 1943 on the barrel is the production date QC848 is the serial number. Armaguerra (cremona) is the name of the manufacture. After the second ww they made a refinisching and repair procgram on this rifle at Fabbrica armi Terni ( FAT ) and they usually put the date of the rebuilt on the stock , in your case in 1947. If it is a 91/41 model This is the best i can do without see the pictures. Ciao Riccardo