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  1. Rave

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    Well.I saw on FOX News that the Carnivore snoop system "chucked" out Bin Ladins and other terrorists e-mail in favor of keeping ours!Our tax money at work!
    I guess I will have to stifle my raving if THAT'S the way they are going to go.It really goes to show where their priorities are!
    It's really gotten to a bad point when a body can't rave among friends without them filing it and NICS results,etc. away for future use! FI,JFI:throwup: :mad: :mad: :mad:

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    Dear Friend

    Dear friend;

    I have just bought a new album from the group ANTHRAX. It is the BOMB. You really need to FLY over here and CRASH for a few days. The name of the album is called the BIN LADEN NUCLEAR exchange.

    I look forward to listening to these guys play in large states such as NEW YORK and CALIFORNIA. Their opening act is the INFIDELS. They are very EXPLOSIVE.

    This should give them something to read!


    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    if you want something BOMB get an old jefferson AIRPLANE album...hee hee hee
  4. Shaun

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    I bet carnivore gets bogged down in here daily
  5. Shaun

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    have you all seen the news reports showing that the FBI has been okayed to review the content of website message boards? Sounds like we could really have fun with Carnivore.

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    Anything open to the public is fine by me but when its a private message or closed group forum then you had better get a warrant
  7. Doglips

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    Great Im on 1 more list....I must confuse them...Brady web this one....Left wing site to NRA....probly have me listed as mulitble persanalities...hehehe

    Im more of a Kid Rock...Creed and Limp Biscut person my self.
  8. Judas Priest, Roy Orbison or Dwight Yoakam.
  9. Logansdad

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    Pink Floyd & Motown
  10. Klaus

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    I still have no problem with the feds monitoring PUBLIC places and websites.
  11. Klaus: I dont agree with you, but I respect your opinion. That word monitoring gives me the creeps. Like I stated on another thread things that are legal now may not be later. It could come back to bite us. Just my opinion...
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  12. Song Lyrics


    It is all kinda Orwellian to me, and it reminds me of some lyrics in a Yes song,

    "Big brother is there a bigger one watching you.....
    (and) is there one smaller who i should be watching too? ....
    Infinite circles of snakes eating their own tails.....
  13. Klaus

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    Ok, instead of monitoring, substitute the word "browsing".
  14. Browsing--now that's a nice safe word. Thanks.
  15. wes

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    We don't need no stinkin' FBI here! hehehe
  16. Hank Springer

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    The feds are using their carnivore game to try to scare hell out of the militia organizations and with a small degree of success. Most, however, seem to be laughing in their federal faces. The hell of it is that the ****ed feds can make you anything they want and the media will attack you just as they did David Koresh, Randy Weaver and others.
    I just mentioned more than one word that activates their system.
  17. Phacopsrana,
    Your first post on this thread was great. That will get the feds running around.
    As far as the FBI reading this forum, who cares this is an open exchange. But don't read my email, not because I have anthing to hide, but it is intended for me only.
  18. Christ, i'm screwed for sure, i mean just my name alone!!!!! hahaha come get some feds!:assult: :nod: