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Discussion in 'General Handgun' started by Browning, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Browning

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    Didn't know where this should go, but figured it would get the most traffic here. I bought a Super Blackhawk Hunter model yesterday. I plan to equip it with a scope. Was wondering if you guys knew of any good holster choices for this setup for hunting uses. The gun shop had plenty of choices for the gun, but nothing that would work with use of a scope. I like th thought of shoulder carry. But would also be open to hip carry.
  2. oldjarhead

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    Check out; they have a pretty good selection but not sure whether they have one that fits your bill.

  3. SwedeSteve

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  4. samuel

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    Cabelas had them,either on the hip or reverse side rig.They were padded cloth and as I recall,about $30. I have two.I don't really care for scopes.I usually just get closer with open sights.But they work great with scopes.
  5. john2393

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    I carry my redhawk (its only 3 1/2") right hand cross draw myself. I got this nylon holster I had from another gun and cut a 1" long notch in it to accommodate for the laser sight. Works good.

    But if I were to go BUY a new one for it, it would be a tactical drop/ thigh holster or a shoulder rig.

    Oh and whoever it was sayin somethin about "cross draws for sissies" I didn't read the post cuz I carry cross draw, but sissy or not I'm quick with it. So you wanna test that theory look me up! (That's my smack talk for the night, I'm done now)
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    Uncle Mikes has a good assortment of shoulder holsters for hunting hand guns.
  7. Palladin8

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    Uncle Mikes would be about the cheapest option for you. I have seen some custom rigs that look great and would be do the job nicely but for a price.
  8. Browning

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    I wound up makeing my own out of a holster made for a black hawk. I cut the top "Rib" out so the scope could slide in. Resewed it up. And it works like a charm. best part of it is, it only cost me 8$.
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    ^ You're a good man!I enjoy hearing about people doing their "reenventing" and making it work.Tells me they're real Americans.
  10. Don357

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    I have a 6 1/2" Blackhawk with a scope and I use an "American Holster" shoulder holster similar to the Blackhawk holster sold by Cabelas and Bass Pro Shop. It works extermely well with my 8" long 4x32 NcStar on my Blackhawk.