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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Double D, Mar 24, 2002.

  1. Double D

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    I am looking at getting either a Forrester or Redding case trimmer. they seem to give the best bang for the buck. RCBS is nice but $$$. Anybody out there use either of these case trimmers?. If so Which and why. What do you like best about them? If not what do you use and why. Mainly I will use it for .308 br**** maybe 40S&W, and down the road a bit 45-70.
  2. Robert C

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    i have been hand cranking on my Forster for over 15yrs.. nice unit but for high volumes of br**** especially us High power shooters, i'm getting a Gracey Trimmer....

  3. sadiehn

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    I have used my forester for ten years and would replce it with the same thing good and accuarte
  4. Hud

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    I use the Lee case trimmers. They are cheap, they work well and they're fast used on a drill.
  5. Topstrap

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    Both of the ones you mentioned are nice, my forester lasted a LOG time but I replaced it with a Lyman, it comes with all the pilots and the trimmer has holes in the body for storage of them so they don't get lost. It also has a Universal Chuck. It's really nice, stick the case in, turn the lever and start trimming. The Forester is a bit tricky at first to get the case seated. I found that if you stick it in the collet partway and then use the pilot to shove it the rest of the way into the collet and then tighten thje collet you get a more universal seating of the brass.

    You might take a look at the Lyman, it's also available with a motor to make it even easier and faster or you can upgrade later if you desire.

    Just offering another option, I've been loading since the early 80's and this is the one I've settled on...
  6. mjm90675

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    I too have a Lyman case trimmer with a univesal adapter so i can put a cordless drill on it. Seems to work great so far.
  7. hals1

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    I have a Redding model 14 (old) and a Forster original (old). They both work just fine and both have power adapters as reasonable prices. The Redding 14 is a pain to set up though, but well worth it. If you want to set up for one cartridge, the Redding 14 (if you can find one) is the only way to go. It will trim and outside and inside chamfer in one operation. It's not the current model though. The current Redding and all others (as far as I know) just trim.

    Be advised, not all trimmers use pilots with the same shaft size. Redding and Forster anre the same size (3/16), RCBS and some others are 5/32. If you mix be sure to match.

    Be sure to check on the price of shaft/cutter/stop assemblies too if you load several different calibers. None of them are easy to reset using the supplied parts. I'm considering getting a serarate shaft/cutter/stop for each round I load. It's real easy to spend a half hour or so getting the trim length right. Changing shaft/cutter/stop assemblies for each caliber would save a lot of time if you do it much. This won't work with the old Redding as you'd be changing the wrong end.

    Incidently, the only reason I have two is I got the Redding at a garage sale with a Lyman 55 powder measure and it was already set up for 243 Win which I have (glad I did though).
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