Catching a wild animal (either dead or alive)

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    What's your most interesting story about catching a wild animal(either dead or alive).

    I've been discussing the challange of eliminating squirrels on another thread and thought of a new thread that might be interesting.

    Two years ago I declared war on a racoon which I knew was excreting on my dormer room. In fact, I knew there was both a larger coon and a small coon from the size of their [email protected]%&. Anyway, I finally found paw (finger) marks on the side of my house next to the downspout. Washed them off and cleaned the poop off the dormer and the next day their paw marks were back on the wall near the downspout and poop was on the dormer.

    Someone told that I could eliminate them from climbing the downspout by soaking a tennis ball with ammonia and tieing it about halfway up the down spout. Did that on the one downspout where I first saw prints. The coon just moved to another downspout so I proceeded to put ammonia soaked tennis balls on all of my downspouts. That didn't stop him (or them). Still had more fresh poop on the dormer.

    Now it was man against I rigged up a motion dector flood light and directed it to the side of the house and downspouts where the coon had been climbing. Layed in bed all night halfway watching if the light came on. Don't know what I would have done if I'd seen the coon. Finally gave up on that tact.

    Finally, in the middle of the day, as I was sitting in my family room, about four feet from the fireplace, I heard the sound of paper rustling near the fireplace. Suddenly a light came on in my brain that said, "he's probably innside my chimney flue". Got my extra high powered light, climbed on top of the dormer again, and pointed it down the flue. I saw two big eyes looking straight up at me. Ahaa! Now to trap him. Rented a live animal trap, baited it with an opened can of tuna, and set it next to the flue on the dormer. About 10 a.m. the next day I crawled up there again and had the maddest racoon you ever saw. Called our animal control officer for my city and they supposedly relocated it.

    That's about as frustrated as I've ever been in catching an animal. The next night I even trapped an opossum nesting under my front porch stoop after catching my neighbor's cat.
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    AZ desert at night, we were out in the trucks being 20 something. my buddy spot lighted a jack rabbit. no we werent going to shoot it, that wouldn't be right. besides we had no guns, there was beer involved, i think. i took a flying leap at the rabbit and to my suprise, caught it. i don't know who was more suprised me or the rabbit. we all got a good laugh.

  3. TRAPING???


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    A neighbor/hunting buddy of mine trapped a troublesome 'coon a couple years back. He had never messed with raccoons before, and didn't really know what to do with it. So, he got the water hose and gave that 'coon a good dowsing. Talk about one P.O.'d critter! He opened the door of the trap, and the 'coon took off. We never saw him again.
    I had one getting in my trashcans at night. I finally popped him with a paintball marker, and never knew a 'coon could move that fast! He never returned, either.
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    I had a problem with a porcupine eating landscaping once. I shot him and hauled him off.

    In E&E school, we figured out how to catch and murder an armadillo using sticks and stones. We didn't have a knife, though, so we had to spit him whole over the fire. Armadillos cooked in their own juices are nearly inedibile, but when you haven't eaten all week, you just learn to hold you nose and swallow. Sure wish I had some tabasco then.
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    We had been quail hunting all day and at the end of the day we layed our "dead" birds on the tailgate of my truck. My buddy emptied his vest and one of his "dead' quail took off, hit the rear window of my truck, shook itself off and started to fly off again. It didn't get to far, all four of us took shots at it. Pretty amazing as hard as we were laughing. Not much more than useless tissue left of that bird.
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    As far as catching a animal; nothing is harder to catch or get to do what you want it to, than the common cow! The stupidest hardheadest animal that the good Lord made. Now here is my story of going one on one with a wild critter. A few years back my father-in-law had a groundhog at the edge of his garden that was next to a creek. He had shot at him several times and missed, I think this particular hog had good genes. So one Sunday evening I got the inspired idea to elimanate the hog. We went down and found all his entrance exit holes. Or so we thought. Well my idea was a splendid one, its just that I had a mental lapse. I took a 1 pound can of GOEX FFG and poured it down the main entrance, after we blocked the other holes up with a shovel. I poured approxitmaly 2/3s of the powder in the hole. Screwed the cap back on, and set it to the side. I struck 4 matches and threw them in the hole. They all went out, or so I thought. Then it dawned on me, that I needed to make me a powder trail, {this is where it gets interesting}, I picked up the can, unscrewed the cap and commenced to pour more powder, and then BOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!. There was a spark in the hole. It blew the bottom of the can off, I was still holding it in my hand, and rather than being rectangular in shape the can was completly round. My beard and eyebrows and eyelashes was burnt off. My breard pre- explosion was about 4 inches long, post explosion was a 1/4 inch long. That was the only time that my father-in-law ever got to hit me. He slapped out all the fire. My wife worked at the hospital then, and she took me down there. Of course she knew all the doctors and nurses, and they had a hilarious laugh at my expense. No harm done, but afterwards I knew that I had'nt been paying close enough attention to the old television series Daniel Boone. Always lay your powder trail before ignition! Yes fellows this is a true story about my stupidest moment in life.
  8. A friend of mine did something similar but he used oxygen and acetylene from a welders torch. The ground was covered with holes from those darn little ground squirrels so he put the tip of the torch down a hole and just let it fill with gas. Nobody saw him do this and we werent sure how long he had been putting gas in the holes. He lit it when nobody was looking. It got everyones attention real quick. It not only blew a LOT of new holes in the ground but it started a bunch of little fires everywhere because all of the roots from the grass and weeds caught fire. There were about ten guys running around putting out fires. This was on a jobsite building a large water storage tank. He almost got fired that day
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    yep that was a silly thing to do. That makes for a very efective BOOM when you put it in balloons. anyway I chased a beaver around with a canoe and a 22lr trying to get a good shot I did get him eventualy. but It took a bit of time.
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    There's some really funny stories in this thread. They're breaking me up laughing.

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    Well, when I was a teenager, I lived near some woods. I made some simple live animal traps, the kind with a lever on top dropping a sliding door. I used wood and hardware cloth (that coarse wire mesh stuff).I just wanted to see what kind of critters I could catch. Bacon was a very effective bait. I cought many opposums. I also seemed to have trapped (briefly) racoons a few times. I think they were racoons because I would go to the trap and find it completely destroyed, sometimes with little tufts of brown fur left on the scene. A trapped opossum will just go to sleep. A raccoon will get mad and rip it's way through 1" of pine and shred hardware cloth. Just as well I did not have to face one, close up. I guess I was also lucky not to have gotten any skunks.
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    Klaus Do you notice me NOT attacking your story?
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    dad and me are both NWCO's, we;'ve been doing it for about 15+, we've had very thing from emu's running lose on a state college(oneonta ny)to people with 3000 bats in there atic, to city people have us remove 500 woodchucks in there hay fields, to young bevers trying to build a dam in a lundermat(it heard runing water and wanted to dam it) you name it we've done it! hooker, try seting a 110 conibear trap at the entrance to the chuck hole and block ing he other holes with large rocksm or get some "smoke bombs" and bomb it, also what do you mean a cow is hard to catch???? I've worked on farms most of my life, and all it takes is a little grain in a bucket(just shake the bucket) and it'l come runing, or get 2 guys on 4 wheelers and and you can make that cow almost anywhere, to keep coons of of your trash cns, just put a bungee on the lid handle and throught the other handles.:nod:
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    Dodge, about the cows. It is my father-in-laws cows, and sometimes I think they they get the stange side of his mentality. He has definetly had some wild ones over the years. They would'nt interested in grain in a bucket or anything else but staying free. It has been aggravating, but also humurous at times. Some of them run like deer. One day we started at 7:30 amand finally got them back in the pasture at 4:30pm.
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    I used to drive a cattle truck,sometimes one of them would not get out of the trailer and you had to go in and chase him out. 2000 lbs. of P.O.'d beef in a 53 ft trailer,and you have nowhere to go. I was one of the few driver's that never got a broken arm or leg,or worse. Not my idea of fun.
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    ahhh.. i see

    I thought that these where dariy/beef and tame, a few times I've had to chase a bull around with my honda atc-185 3 wheeler, takes a wile but works to get'em back into a pen/fence.
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    My dad had a small dairy herd of Jersey cows in southeastern Kansas when I was a 110 lb teenager. One cow in particular got real jealous whenever she had a new calf and someone was in the same lot with her. In fact, one time she lowered her head and charged me but luckily I stepped aside just as she got to me and I slapped my arm around her head and poked a finger in her eye.

    After that I always carried a pitch fork when I went out in the lot. Several other times she charged me but found out that wasn't a good idea and backed off. She was like that every year with a new calf. Most cows were very calm when we were around their baby calves but occasionally a cow would be the jealous kind.

    Oxford :nod: :eek: