Catching catfish while bass fishing

Discussion in 'Fishing' started by kswat07, May 13, 2018.

  1. kswat07

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    Caught this guy on a green pumpkin chatterbait, he was gut hooked pretty bad so I ate him. Very tasty. Normally I let bigger ones like this go, but he was in bad shape and probably wouldn't survive. By TN standards a trophy blue catfish is 34+ inches. He measured 34 3/4" So now I can get an angler recognition award. My scale was broke so not sure of weight but I say 15lbs give or take. My second biggest out of this lake. IMG_20180512_225453_982.jpg 0513181911.jpg 0513181912a.jpg 0513182102.jpg
    The Mother's Day left overs. The whole family loved it.
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  2. neophyte

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    kswat07: Sir; :) double fun :) catch'n'eat :) hush puppies :) I assume
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    New York
    Been a long, long time since I had catfish with hushpuppies.
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  4. That's a good looking Blue cat !....................
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  5. runfiverun

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    I dunno about a catfish ever being in a bad way.
    I have left them on the floor of the car overnight before tossing them in a wading pool and watching them swim around like nothing happened.
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  6. animalspooker

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    kswat - you don't have to make excuses to us guys for eating a big ol' catfish....gut hook??? ;)
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  7. kswat07

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    Catfish are tough and normally when they swallow my hook I'll cut the line and release the fish, and I thought about doing that. Looking down the fish's mouth I just didn't like what I seen. He swallowed the bait so deep that during the fight internal organs were hooked and being pulled out. After cleaning I'm sure this cat would've died from the internal injuries. This is the 2nd catfish I've caught bass fishing and it was a fun fight. I'm surprised he didn't break me off.
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  8. Nice catch! How'd you do catching Bass?
  9. rando

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    Yeah that is a nice fat Blue Channel cat. I catch many of them while out in the bay here fishing for striped bass. They grab large minnows, Alewives or menhaden and cut fish bait. They are good eating. I like that Zatarain's seasonings and coatings. They make good gumbo and Jambalaya mix in the box also. The McCormick plant that makes it is not far from me. Good fishing there and keep it up.
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  10. kswat07

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    not a single one. The bite was tough. I've done well so far this year, but just couldn't find any.
    I catch striped bass when fishing for blue cats. Those stripes are fun though. Zatarains make good stuff. I like to boil squirrel in beer then pick the meat from the bone and add to the jambalaya mix. Very tasty
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    Nice blue.

    Cats and Stripers seem to know when I'm in a bass tournament.
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  12. austinjoe13

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    I can't wait to get after some cats this spring. The river still needs to calm down a bit.
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  13. jwrauch

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    I'm not a fan of tournament fishermen. They fly all over the lakes in their high powered bass boats and ignore common fishing courtesy ! One of the biggest cats I ever caught was on a black, 5/8 oz jitterbug in shallow water !!!
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  14. That stinks! I still haven't gotten out to fish this year. Every time I plan to go, it's either brutally hot, pouring rain or something needs doing around here. :(
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    Oldest son once bought a bass boat telling me it would go 65 mph. I told him I didn't know bass could swim that fast.
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