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  1. I realize this thread might fit in better in another forum but here goes.......

    I am toying with the idea of buying some .22 CB cap ammo for target and small varmint control around the house here.

    The CB cap has much less velocity and FPS than standard .22 ammo and the noise is also considerably less. I am thinking that with these the neighbors won't hear me as well and may not know what I'm up to. I have a couple of cantakerous old coots living near by and I don't need them calling Johnny Law on me for any reason.

    My cousin, back east, uses the CB caps to supplement his squirrel supply in the freezer. He lives in a moderately populated area and, to his knowledge, no neighbors know what he is up to. He tells them he uses a cap gun to scare birds outta his small garden and they buy it. But, he uses the CB caps in a revolver.

    I am wondering if the CB caps have the power to cycle a .22 auto loader and, if so, will they even feed in the gun since the shells are shorter than LR. I believe they won't but I am wondering if anyone has actually hands-on experience with them?
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    To get them to be real quiet, you need a long barrel.

  3. Makes sense Klaus...he was shooting them in a bold action Remington. Sure was quieter.

    I might buy them just for my long guns and try them out in those.

    Thanks guy!
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    Aguila makes a good CB cap. I've been using those for a couple of years for real stealth. They're quieter than my crossman pellet pistol with only two pumps! They aren't strong enough to cycle any semi auto, and they do make more noise if fired in them because they will partially cycle and the open bolt will make a little noise. Same with revolvers. They are very quiet in my bolt action and lever action rifles, unless the bullet hits something hard. I've shot them into 2 x 4 lumber, and they penetrate about like a pellet outta my 1,100 fps pellet rifle. They are good medicine on cats, rats, birds, squirrels, and the occasional trespassing dog that's dumping in my yard. They drop pretty quick (mine was 1" below standard 22 LR at 15 yards with the same zero). They jam in anything but the lever action or a revolver. They aren't as accurate as a 22 lr either, probably because of the excessive bullet jump in the chamber before it catches rifling. I wouldn't used them past 50 feet, unless it was a big target.
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    CB Caps won't cycle a standard semi-auto, though I have heard of the guns being modified for them - softer spring rates, modofied magazines, etc. A good bolt-action rifle would be the way to go. Adjust the sights for the lower powered CB Caps, and you're in business! Still, keep in mind what's in the background. I accidently bounced one off a neighbors house once. Oops!

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    They won't cycle an automatic and are still loud out of a handgun. Out of a rifle is a different question. Use a bolt action .22 with the longest barrel and it's not much louder than a quality airgun!
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    .22 shorts work great out of my marlin. quieter than an airgun.
  8. Some great info...thanks all.
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    Try the CCI CB long loads. They are a CB load in a long rifle case Still quiet and feed better than the short CB's do. As NRAJoe said they are loud in a handgun (either type) but no louder than an air gun when used in a rifle. My Rem 581 loved the CCI CB longs at 25yards I put 10 of them in one hole smaller than a dime. The local chipmunk population hates this ammo.

  10. Thanks Dave,

    Sounds like what I'm looking for..will try CCI and the Aguila mentioned earlier. I will most likely use them in my tube fed Henry.

    I have the Arizona variation of a chipmunk that is raising hell with my green cover plants...especially with the desert drought driving them to available greenery......need to thin them out a tad.

    Once, again, thanks.
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    .22's arent' that hard to load or relaod. i've been able to remove the bullets from some CCI ammo with my hands. what do you guys think of taking the bullet and powder from a .22 short and putting it in a primed .22 long or LR case?
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    I shoot he Aquila Colibri's in my model 17 S/W 6 in. Pretty quiet & plenty strong enough to give a message to the stray dogs & cats around to not #### in my yard Plus you have 6 rounds that can be fired quickly. I like 'em
  13. I couldn't find the Augilas today but I got the CCI LR CBs and the CCI Shorties CBs....I likes 'em!

    At around 45 ft. I was nailing a can with two inch hits outta my Henry Gold Boy lever.....not bad for these tired old cataracted eyes!

    At about 80 feet I dented the burn barrel really good...not sure if I'd want to shoot a dog...I do believe they would penetrate. Speaking of penetration I'm looking for the Viagra CB brand...fer sure.....he he he he!

    Both sound about the same (just a 'pop') to me and the wife.

    C'mon chipmunks....I'm ready fer ya!....fer sure.
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    I use CB longs in a 10/22 for the squirrels around my place. They don't cycle, but that don't bother me. They're quiet enough my nieghbors don't mind. When I get my bolt gun back from the shop I'll be using that. Pistols are too loud and not accurate enough (for me). I can make a kill to about 25 yards or so, after that I just injure 'em. The CCI CB longs are more accurate than the shorts and the Aquila.