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    Anyone know anything about a CBC Model .122.2 ?it's made in Brazil.
    I got it this morning,and shot a box of Rem hi velocity thru it. It seems to be a tack driver at 50 yds.

    Ed E
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    CBC model 122

    I have one of these fine little carbines. It is an excellent shooter, very well made with a slick action and very dense hardwood (walnut?) stock. Numrich catalog #26, which unfortunately is the latest issue I have, lists the CBC 122 on page 73. Clips at that time were available, part # 2294 for US $15.55 ( 6 round,) and US $17.70 for the 10 round clip. My cbc 122 was sold by Sears, and Roebuck Company under the #282.527740 model designation. Numrich also says that this rifle was marketed by Remington as M-525. I have a CZ452 and the little Brazilian runs a very,very close race with the CZ when it comes to accuracy. These little carbines are a very good value in my opinion in terms of production quality and accuracy, to say nothing of the surprise on your shootin' buddies faces when they see what an old mail-order Sears and Roebuck .22 is capable of doing. If you are lucky enough to find one of these in good condition and for sale, buy it! I don't believe you will be disappointed.:AR15firing: