CCI/SPEER .38CAL Shotshells Grrrrrr.....

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    I have never had any luck with those CCI shotshells. When I was a kid you could get the crimped Winchester rat shot or several brands that had a sort of clearish red or blue rubbery plastic with the shot directly impregnated in it.

    Some you aimed at the target, some you aimed at the ground next to the target and the shot capsule would break and blast the snake.

    CCI shotshells are like a crappier version of the second kind. They are usually the only ones I can order, though.
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    Actually, CCI does make one for 45 acp, I have some but do not think they will cycle the action on a 1911 like the Remington does.
    As I said, I have used the 9mm once, but I also have them in 38, 40SW, 44, 45 acp and 45 Colt by CCI. I also have the 22 and 22 mag by CCI but used the little crimped Federal for 90% of my snake killing. One year I killed 29 snakes in a summer within 50 yards of my house. It was a drought year and the only water in the area was near my house, so everything flocked there.

    Wife was ready to move out, so they had to be thinned.
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    Okay sorry I misread that. Not much sleep last night don't help my reading c comprehension.:p:usa:
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  4. Dad once shot at a chipmunk with his 44 mag T\C Contender with the original T\C shotshells with the shredder attached to the barrel. For some reason the shredder didn't get the capsule to open up and all I found of the chipmunk was a small patch of fur with the ear still attached to it.
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    Would your dad have been "mouser" senior? :p:D
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