CCI-Velocitorâ„¢ 22 Long Rifle Ammunition?

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  1. JohnD

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    Any body try this stuff? What is the price?

    there web site says-

    "•Muzzle velocity – 1435 ft/sec
    — Fastest 40 grain 22 LR load available for flat shooting
    — 30 percent increase in energy over regular high-speed ammunition
    •Patented Gold Dot bullet technology
    —Engineered to excel in the 22 LR
    — Controlled expansion and high retained weights are Gold Dot characharacteristics"
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    I took the kids out shooting some unopened soda cans with a box of this stuff some Quik-Shok, Yellow Jackets and CCI Stinger...all shot from a rifle..single shot and Marlin Modle 60. It feed well in the auto loader and it did ok on the cans..not much better than the CCI cost me $3.50 a box. Overall I was not that impressed...the girls did not shoot any real groups so cant vouch for the accuricy. The Quick Shock riped the cans in too peices and impressed was about the same price. I dont hunt so cant say how it works on live targets. On soda cans it was slightly better than the stingers in terms of opening them up but not realy impressive. Out of 50 cans shot with it none were riped in two or any "WOW" type damage.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Mick

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    I must admit to shooting the hell out of the odd full soda can (and loving it!) I have used CCI's ammo, however for the best range and knockdown the Power Points are considerably more effective and reliable. I regularly use them on foxes, rabbits, kangaroos and if I haven't got the 44 with me I'll use them on pigs.
    Using a Marlin 25n rifle with a 4x40 scope it is possible to head shoot rabbits/foxes at 130yrd as long as there is no wind or long grass.
  4. JohnD

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    the thing is on larger game like coyotes and probably kamgaroos you need penatration and not fragmenting ammo, for small stuff like gophers it is ok but from bad angles on coyotes it will not have deep enough penatration for a body shot. I have yet to see win power points in canada but most of the CCI is avaliable.
    I think the stingers and other stuff is way overpriced but if it will work that much better on larger game it is worth it.

    What kind of bullet is on the 22lr win power points?
  5. Mick

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    WIN PP

    The Power Point is a 45gr copper plated hollow point with some sort of wax lubricant, you're right about the penetration of the hollow points head or neck shots are a must, however they are also available in a 50gr solid, they might be available in Canada under a different name possibly.

    They cost around $6 for 50, thats AUSSIE dollars so probably $3.50 US.
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  6. JohnD

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    nope I have yet to see any ammo for the 22lr over 40grain. The solid and hollow point works for head shots on just about anything here. but the coyotes are usualy running and you have to shoot them on the run if you are ever going to get one. I have shot 3-4 coyotes with the solids and they zip right through and do not do much dammage. All the coyotes I have shot with the 22lr have only made it 10-15 yards at the most after being hit with solids. I will add that the solids have to hit the heart or lungs to do this. My grandpa has used the 22lr to hunt coyotes all his life. He has killed them with a single 22short right to the heart and it droped right on the spot. 10-15 yards running after being hit is ok with big game so why is it not ok with coyotes.
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    I Bought 2 boxes of Aguila .22-SSS Sniper Sub Sonic...60 grain bullet. I haven't gotten the chance to try them out yet, but the Gun shop owner claims they are really accurate. The box claims excellent performance at 50 meters. Oil Well, I still like the Quik-Shox for Cat size animals. They really put out a lot of energy compared to a hollow point high velocity.