CCW actualy gets a fair shake in the paper

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    In the Orlando Sentianl.....This dad with a CCW goes to his son's store at closeing because of the crime...bad guys try to rob the place (Block Buster) and get shot....police and media actualy do a good job with this...
    Course todays story we learn that the robbers were so stupid that they did not load the rifle..

    I love this quoat from the Law Enforcement officer :

    "Davidson described being shot and killed as “an occupational hazard for robbers.â€￾

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    I heard of this

    The father shot the punk when he pointed the gun at him and then shot the other guy when he went for the gun.
    Get a load of this: The head of the Gun control group for the area expressed concern that the father would shoot the other guy while he was unarmed (while trying to get the gun)! What a DUMBA$$.


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    guy changed his story

    The gun control guy is named Arthur Heyhoe. I just heard that this guy has clarified his statement Stating that the killing was justifiable and the circumstances for any unarmed killing... etc.. BLAH BLAH BLAH.

    Sounds like the pubicity he got gave him some second insight into his remarks.

    This was on
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    This is one of few you will here the media talk about when CCW is involved. I wish the media would show the positive effects of lawful carry within our communities.

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    I reproted on here the other week that the media here suggested keeping a gun neqarby in case the cops can't get to you soon enough. This was triggered due to an attemted rape on a female in Durham, NC. I have a feeling if it was anything else they would not have said anything.