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    I had a question put to me I have no answer for.
    I have taken the concealed carry class for Tx.
    The question was with your permit can you buy a handgun from an ajoining state legally? The class had no mention of that particular aspect of owning a handgun.
    The question arose when someone locally went to Louisiana and was talking to a shop owner about a handgun they were thinking of buying. The shop owner stated that no one w/o a La. state drivers Ls. could buy a handgun in the state. I know La. honors Tx.'s CCW but how far does that honoring go?
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    No. You must go through a FFL (in your home state) to buy a handgun outside your state of residence. There is an exception if you're military--you can buy a handgun in the state you're stationed in even with a different state of permanent residence (with PCS orders). The best thing to do would be to have the LA gun dealer ship the gun to a TX gun dealer and buy there.

    I know the law doesn't make any sense. Firearms control laws seldom do.

    Welcome, and enjoy your CCW. TX is reciprocal with many other states, so it's a good one to have.

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    thanks for the info. and I agree it doesn't make since. You can buy a rifle or shotgun out of state, but not a handgun.
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    Man you can just about buy a rifle or shotgun anywhere. Next gas stations will be selling them. LOL. Like you cant use a rifle or shotgun to commit a crime.
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    I think the law reads. States that join your CCW state you can buy a long gun or shotgun.
    NC is specific: Joining the State property. [that didn't come out just right]:34: