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Discussion in 'CCW' started by BattleRifleG3, Oct 24, 2002.

  1. BattleRifleG3

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    I'm looking ahead to CCW equipment, and noticed a variety of holsters in SportsmansGuide.
    First one I notices was the Fobus Paddle-style Roto Holster, which looks like the kind of thing I would want, enabling me to carry a full size pistol under another garment on a strap of my own design.
    Also noticed Uncle Mike's Kydex Belt Holsters, which look a little more compact and look like they'd work equally well on the inside as on the outside if I wanted to switch from concealed to open on the range. Cost a little less, but both are certainly affordable for something this important.
    Any thoughts on these or recomendations for others?
    I've pretty much settled on a 1911 type, barring a great buy on something else like an HK or Steyr.
  2. guffster

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    I got an uncle mikes kydex for my sig p220 to use for IDPA (only went a couple of time). It's a good set up for that, but doesn't hug your hip for concealed carry although it would probably be ok with a coat on & I'd tighten down the retention screw a little extra for carry.

  3. One Eye

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    Whats a good and inexpensive open carry??? Any ideas?
  4. guffster

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    What are you carrying, a .22 or a 44mag.? Do you need or want leather? Any of the Uncle Mikes or other nylon holsters are pretty inexpensive.
  5. oneastrix

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    Uncle Mikes and Fobus are similiar. I have a couple of Fobus' and have been happy with them. Seems like they run in the twenty buck range. So if you buy it and don't like haven't lost a bunch of $$$

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    I got four Uncle Mikes holsters, last forever!