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    Hey folks. Does someone on our forum have experience with how to obtain a CCW permit in CA for random citizens? Is that worth a shot, and if so, how long does it take?
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    information: following "Jay" lead

    About the California CCW
    California is a "may issue" state. Whether to issue a concealed carry permit is at the discretion of the local law enforcement office.

    Contact your county sheriff's office or, if you are a resident of an incorporated city, your city police department, for information on obtaining a CCW license. They can answer your questions and provide you with a copy of their CCW license policy statement and the CCW license application. If you live within an incorporated city, you may apply to the police department or the county sheriff's office for a CCW license. However, only residents of a city may apply to a city police department for a CCW license.
    Source: State of California Department of Justice

    The applicant must be a resident of the county he or she is applying for a Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) permit.
    Once the permit is issued, it is valid for the entire state (not just the county of issue).

    Again, California is a may-issue concealed carry harndgun license state (California residents only). Obtain authorization for a CCW permit from your local sheriff BEFORE enrolling in the course.

    These courses are not a beginners shooting course (the student must be able to pass the minimum shooting qualification), nor an advanced tactical course. Rather, these courses are designed to meet the training requirements stated by the respective county law enforcement agency.

    California Penal Code - PART 6. CONTROL OF DEADLY WEAPONS, TITLE 4. FIREARMS, DIVISION 5. CARRYING FIREARMS, CHAPTER 4. License to Carry A Pistol, Revolver, or Other Firearm Capable of Being Concealed Upon the Person
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    I found information here and here and here a particularly useful list (somehow showing many duplicates) for Conceal Carry.pdf.

    Please read the following and let me know what you think {opinions from present and past members of law enforcement would be great}:

    I live in a park that is known to harbor an affluent homeless population known to use drugs.
    Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, I have taken daily walks with my young children (aged 4m to 4yo) in the park, and during our walks we discovered many improvised shelters used by the homeless, including abandoned clothes and other personal belongings. I have personally met one such individual while walking my dog, who showed at the time signs of being under the influence of drugs (disorientation and unintelligible monologue): while I wasn't with my children at the time, the individual walked towards me and asked me 'are there people living here?' even though we were both surrounded by many individual homes.
    I would feel safer carrying a concealed firearm during these walks, and do not intend to either carry it with a round in the chamber, nor outside of these walks or the park where I reside.
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    Varies dramatically by county (I transit LA -- or probably more correctly USED to transit LA quite a bit -- staying temporarily in El Segundo).

    This may help:


    I would wait until you've received training from a qualified instructor before writing anything if the permitting process has (for some strange reason) a section where it wants you to expand on justification. And get their input/editing. Less is better and I certainly would not expand on round chambered/not in that to me this shows a lack of training.

    I would also carry everywhere I could do so. Limiting your places of carry increases one's exposure to risk.
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    Are you a:
    1. Celebrity
    2. Sports figure
    3. Democrat politician

    if so, go to the front of the "deserving" line

    If you are not one of these categories,
    Forget about it......
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    Don't get your hopes up.
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    Your freakin God given right to protect yourself is your permit. Don’t support a States commerce and it’s politicians if it’s policies don’t align with your lifestyle. Get the heck out of Cali!