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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by crasha51pan, May 24, 2008.

  1. crasha51pan

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    Am in the process of getting my CCW license for Montana. I am good to go according to the Sheriff's Dept, they sent me a sample application so I would know what would be asked.
    There is one question, "Why do you want the permit". Is there a "right" answer to that? Will "For self protection" work? Don't want to blow it !

  2. AKHunter

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    Seems to me that question has no business being on that app. But since it is and you have to jump through the hoops, yes, I would write it down as "personal defense".

  3. I had that same question 25 years ago on the east coast, every answer you have for that question causes another question , such as why or from whom do you need to protect yourself. So my advise would be to have your answer ready in advance. It was just a mind game to weed out the nuts. :) so what ever you do "Dont List The Impending Zombie Invasion" unless your sheriff is a member of G&G then you'll be ok..
  4. Aqualung

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    Oregon has that same question. I bet it's a way for the sheriffs in the really liberal counties to deny you for no reason. But unless you live in some liberal county in Montana, it probably doesn't matter what you put (unless you write what privateer told you).
  5. TXplt

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    PA LCTF has a "check in the box." Like AK said, I'd just suggest "self defense" and leave it at that.
  6. Punisher

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    What a dumb question. Im looking at my CCW app now and we in OH dont have a question like that.
  7. SCGirl

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    I gotta agree with ya..what do they expect you to say?:34:
  8. Iron_Colonel

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    Well here in Washington St. with a concealed pistol license or concealed weapons permit, a permit holder can walk into a gun store, and leave the same day with a gun with no waiting period. Anyways, every gun I have bought, mostly pistols, I have been in and out in the same day and didn't have to wait. Thats the main reason I got mine. I did want to carry also, but I usually carry during hunting season on the west side.
  9. TheWall

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    Just put down that you want it for the same reason you wear a condum. "Protection"
  10. RockB

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    When seconds count the officer is only minutes away.

  11. We don't have to wait more than 3 minutes in Arkansas even with out a ccw.
  12. Several answers come to mind.

    1. Because a police officer is too heavy to carry around.
    2. To exercise my Second Amendment RIGHT. Rights should not require permits.
    3. Because my CCW permit is a convenient tool as it doubles as a handgun purchase purchase permit instead of individual permits for each purchase (at least here in NC, don't know about elsewhere)
    4. Because I always wanted to spend $90 to exercise my rights.
    5. Because I always wanted to spend $90 to be fingerprinted and investigated.
    6. Because it is a convenient way to find out if I am indeed a criminal, since I do not have personal access to NICS.
  13. Punisher

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    LOL!!! ^^^ So true. Here in Ohio we dont have to wait either and it doesnt matter if you have a permit or not. BUT having a CCW permit doesnt mean you can buy a gun. You still need to a background check. Hooray for the Castle Doctrine bill!!! It will be effective Sept 8th 2008.
  14. Sport717

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    My answer would be: Because I have been broken in on before and if it happens again I'll be ready.I'm packing,trained,licensed,locked and loaded,and if more people were like me,there would be less crime and more business for the undertaker.( OK ) maybe thats not the answer that would help me but I would be willing to tell them that "after" I got the permit.
  15. JASON6969

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    Ditto that
  16. captsquirrel

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    That is a stupid question. By the way I told the "cop is to heavy" reason to a police officer buddy of mine the other day and he about fell to the ground he was laughing so hard. I know several cops here and all of them like the idea of armed citizens since they cannot be every where at the same time. Nevada is a shall issue state. They just want to know who you are? Are you a criminal? And can you shoot straight? As far as your application goes I agree with the personal defense answer.