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    For all of those who were/are interested.....My band cut four songs yesterday onto tape for the "scratch track." That's used in the headphones when you record, so you're basically singing along with yourself as you record. Just gives you a little something to help you keep the tempo. I never realized how much work really goes into this stuff. No wonder it takes those pro's a year or so to complete an album!

    Looks like we're underway
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    Did you mail our cd's yet 1*? I haven't gotten one yet! :(

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    No No, we've officially begun recording it.... Four songs ready to be recorded. Be a month or so, maybe a little bit more. This is a game of perfection! It's neat though. If you screw up a line or a note, they can digitally take you back to the screw up and you can just fix/edit that part. You don't have to start over.

    It's also neat how the little things make a difference. Simply enunciation makes a big difference on a recording. This is a learning process for sure..

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    Oh, I thought you already had some laying around! My bad, carry on!