CenterFire's Mauser 95. Anyone else get one?

Discussion in 'Mausers' started by Full MeTal Jack, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. Purchased 2 chilean 95 Mausers (no bolts) from Centerfire. Chambered for 7.62 Nato.
    The one is so beat up it looks great.
    The other has tiger stripe under the dents and dirt. This might be on to chemically clean and steam it.
    Will post pics later.
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    Where will you find a bolt for it?

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    Centerfire is all out the 7x57,s and the 7.62x51,s I know of several other places selling these actions and complete rifles.Alot of them out there. I do sportering on mausers and I have allways used large ring for 308, 30.06 etc.. I have seen alot of talk and arguements about these rifles chambered to 7.62. Well why the hell would they be doing this to thousands and thousands of rifles if not safe to do so. I know what your saying about the safe pressures of a small ring and the metal may not be hardened and so forth. Im not here to start any arguement at all. Im just asking why did these get rechamdered by arsenals if unsafe to..
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    just a guess buddy-GREED-
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    Someone here posted a good link to an article addressing this question. They had a old converted 7mm Spanish Mauser that hade been rechambered for the 7.62X51 NATO round. The article had pictures of one of these old converted reciever that had been cut away. What the found was an insert in the chamber that is how they were converted. On this particular rifle the insert had split. I do not believe it was a catastrophic failure but it did render the rifle unusable. It did not say under what circumstance it failed under. Mabye a .308 round? The main point was the person writting the article did not like the way the rifles were converted by drilling out the receiver and installing the insert to chamber the NATO round. I myself would rather have a 7mm Spanish Mauser. There are plenty other rifles that were build to fire the NATO round and not convereted from a different caliber. Just my preference.

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    + 1 Micheal ^^^^