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  1. dothedrew57

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    Anyone from central FL on G&G? I feel as if I am the sole central Fl member here.
  2. ALR

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    I have a CCW license from central Florida........

  3. HK770

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    Riverview, 15 mi SE of Tampa: .....Here
  4. M14man

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    I am here on the west coast, Brooksville area. Avid shooter at the Hernando Sportsmans Club on US19.
  5. dothedrew57

    dothedrew57 G&G Evangelist

    im out in oviedo FL and try to frequent the titusville rifle and pistol club as much as i can
  6. Mooseman684

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    I am From Polk County (Bartow), but I only come back for a Visit on occasion.
  7. Dan22

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    Sanford here.
  8. It's a small world with the internet. I'm live south of Leesburg in the rural area. I'm pretty sure I met M14Man over at Rentprop1's bar-b-que and swap meet. I go by "#1Glock30" on Florida Shooters Network • Index page
    If you haven't been there come by and say hi.
    Lot's of friendly people on there, and the FSN weekend shoots are awesome. Lot's of friendly people sharing good food, and bunches of guns. Now that the weather is cooling off there will probably be one coming up soon. People camp at the range or stay at area hotels and so forth. They'll start a thread up about it in advance so everyone can discuss it and get it together.
    I garauntee you'll meet lot's of great folks. I have.

    In advance....Sorry to anyone offended by my spam.
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  9. kenjoe45

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  10. highlands county----sebring
  11. waterdog

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    Port Saint John, just south of Titusville. Brevard County.
  12. I live in Key West but my Mom and Dad live in The Villages. I shoot at the range in Leesburg a lot. Great range.
  13. johnnyg777

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    North central FL

    Hi, I am new to forums. My family has small farm in Starke, Bradford county. 3 and half acres land, 2 and half acres pond. I bought this land about year and a half ago, Mom, and brother Billy lived there over a year.
    They seen deer on property, I send Billy Trail cam to hang in trees, he too lazy!
    Neighbors get bucks on regular basis in neighborhood. When I relocate there,I aim to hang auto feeder in tree, install trail cam, BUT NO DEER KILLING on my land! Hogs only!
    P.S. also Eastern wild turkeys on land!
    Tae care Y'All!
  14. C5rider

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  15. sncstealth

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    i guess Lee county doesnt count here
  16. dothedrew57

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    To anyone that may care theres a new gunshop over here in Oviedo. Its called Seminole Firearms. Couple good guys in there, real helpful, really dont put any pressure on ya at all. They've been open a month or two now and I've heard nothing but good stories from everyone ive seen go there and there transfer prices beat everyone else in the Orlando areas. They charge like $30, when Gander Mt wants $75 and this place is a mile versus 25 ill take this new place. I liked um a lot, you guys might too. Figured id share.
  17. danf6975

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    east coast central florida here
  18. MosinRuger

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    Not central florida but in im NE florida, Jacksonville to be specific....im looking for a long range.... range, greater than 100yards that is. anyone got any suggestions???
  19. dothedrew57

    dothedrew57 G&G Evangelist

    There a range here in seminole county that has a 300yd range, maybe a bigger one too. Its like seminole county gun and archery association or some such thing. Anybody here ever make their way out to the Titusville Rifle and Pistol Club?