Century 91/30 Snipers

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  1. So I was cruising around Century's website, and I came across Mosin PU Snipers on the last page. I am sure what they have would be a reproduction mount and scope, right? Also, would the rifle itself be an ex-sniper, or just a regular old mosin? (not that it would be a bad thing:))
    Has anyone ordered much from Century? These are rated VERY GOOD and I would like to be reassured before buying anything...

    p.s. I put the Westinghouse on layaway yesterday. I have a gun buying problem.
  2. Century Arms is an importer. They typically put the snipers together as reproductions, although most of the time the scopes are Russian made reproductions (but from what I have seen they are pretty darned good).

    p.s. Good choice. You and everybody on this board.:09:

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    Congrats on the Westinghouse dude! I am jealous!
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    Geo, the scopes ought to be good repros! They are being made on the same equipment, and I believe in the same factory, that made the originals back during the Great Patriotic War. You don't get much more authentic as far as relicas go than that.
  5. +1 +I've been debating getting one for about a year now. I'm pushing the limit with 7 now. Actually I was pushing the limit at 5, but then the M44 Tula Hex appeared at a local Big 5, and a 91/30 fell out of the sky. What could I do?
  6. Well it appears that a company called "R Guns" out of Carpentersville, IL has Original 91/30's. I would hope they are at $800 for an Izzy and $900 for a Tula.
  7. R Guns is an importer as well.
  8. Hell Im mad Id be shootin that thing this weekend.
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    I dont know if i'd pay 800 for a mosin. maybe for the serious collector.
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    yikes....$800 for one hmmmmmmmmmmmm....HELL'S NO!!!!!

    of course if u look at what i put into one before i finally quit adding accessories and i prolly have around half that....but my gun looks LEET also :silly:
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    LEET? My Tula's worth $900?
  12. Any Original configuration sniper Mosin is going to be worth some $. I have seen originals selling for around $1500. Knew i should've bought one fifteen years ago when they were about $300.
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    And to think I have mine in an old weapons bag, stuffed into the back of my closet!

  14. You might be one of the lucky ones on this board Swede and I'm envious as I turned down buying one fifteen or so years ago...but had to raise kids and buy a house and such things as we all do in life.:)
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    Yep, been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Now I'm raising Grandkids.