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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by hooker, Apr 12, 2002.

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    Do any of you know about the Century Arms outfit I beleive out of West Virginia. They have Lee-Enfields in .303 British, and other calibers{.308 WIN., 45-70 GOV.}. Have any of you had any expereince with these. Are they good rifles? Preciate the info.
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    I believe the outfit you are referring to is Gibbs Rifle Company, which is a division of Navy arms. They take #4's and 2A Ishapores and modify and customize them in all kinds of ways. You can reach them by following this link: http://www.gibbsrifle.com/
    If you are looking for a #4 to customize Allan Schisel has a couple left for between $150.00-$170.00: http://www.allans-armory.com/
    If you are looking for a particular #4 or #5, Kevin Carney of North China Arms is one of the best dealers I've found for locating difficult C&R rifles and pistols: http://www.armscenter.com/nca/index.html
    Both Allan and Kevin are friends of mine and are super guys. Kevin can also give you all the info about anything Gibbs offers.

    Hope this helps,


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    Appreciate the info Jesse. Yea you're right it is Gibbs. I remember reading that not too long ago.
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    Jesse, do you know if Gibbs is thinking of making Parker-Hale rifles again? I'd love to have a 98 Mauser with a 10-round box magazine!! I'll be in HEAVENNNN!!
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    I would be too if it fed 8mm.