CEO’s Found To Be Al Qaeda Cell Trained To Ruin U.S. Economy

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    CEO’s Found To Be Al Qaeda Cell Trained To Ruin U.S. Economy

    Documents seized by the FBI during a raid on an Al Qaeda safe house in a remote town of Pakistan reveal that a large contingent of American CEOs were part of a secret operation designed to wreak havoc on the U.S. economy. The plans detail how these high profile men were lured to clandestine meetings in the Cayman Islands during the late 90’s for what they thought were workshops on illegal tax shelters taught by Arthur Anderson.

    The sessions actually turned out to be a front for an Al Qaeda operation. The CEOs who attended were promised 72 beautiful virgins once they arrived in heaven if they caused the pillars of strength of the U.S. economy to collapse by shaking the very foundation of capitalism.

    “This finally explains how these CEOs could have behaved in such a brazenly unethical, destructive manner that greed alone couldn’t explain. The virgin lure works every time. These executives succeeded in damaging the economy far beyond the expectations that Al Qaeda had for them,â€￾ said a professor of business ethics at a major university.

    Several CEOs accused of causing the downfall of their companies issued a joint statement claiming the documents are false and denying any connection to Al Qaeda by explaining their actions as “pure, unadulterated self-enrichment and nothing more.â€￾