CETME Break in?

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    I read on a website reviewing the CETME that it needed four to five magazines to be "broken in." The author was having the same trouble that I am currently having at about two magazines. I have not yet been back to the range to shoot because I didn't want to damage the weapon.

    I get a ratio of about 1:2 sometimes 2:3 successful rounds. When the weapon doesn't fire the bolt does not go all the way forward, then when I fire, the firing pin only dents the rounds primer...

    Like I said I have only fired two magazine worth thus far. Has anyone else had this issue or does anyone have any suggestions before I go and get aggravated at the range again dealing with this.

    Also does anyone know where to find the synthetic black smooth hand guards for the CETME. I can't stand the black century arms ones with the holes in them; They are harder to clean.

  2. welcome hatter665,
    I hope others will chime in, I had a CETME that a friend gave to me to check out a few years ago. I would chamber a round with a full mag and it shot but it did not chamber the next round. This went on for a dozen rounds. I told the gun dealer that had sold it to return it to the original seller. I thought the damage was in the area tha the rollers move back an forth. It was too tight and I didn't want to do something that would cause further damage. I think that the bolt was not getting home to fire, I hope your situation is something simple. Some of the fellows should have your anwsers. :)
    The solid forearm may trap more heat, you might get some more info before you decide, my is the old wood set. Anyway, the CETME is fun and there are still a few of us who like them.

  3. I love my CETME, but I seem to be having about the same issue. Mine did run fine till it dropped to the floor pretty hard. I can only think that I have bent my receiver. I'm not saying that your problem is the same, but just a though. You may try to clean the chamber up. The CETME's chamber is fluted to help with extraction and some times the fluting can get pretty clogged up. I would get a .308 chamber brush if you can find on, if not, I think it was a .410 shotty bronze brush that I last used. That worked pretty well. Just strip it down and clean the heck outta the whole thing and scrub that chamber out and see if that helps any, then let us know. I'm also sure there will be some other CETME guys here to help before too long. As for the hand guard, I'll do a little lookin around for you, but don't worry about the hole cooling thing, your Century stock probably has "holes" that don't go all the way through, and if so, the cooling thing shouldn't be an issue. Some of the CETME family guns, mainly HK's, do have threw holes though. Good luck, and welcome to Gun and Game!
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    Because Century has to torch out the original receiver and weld in a USA-made receiver, the original bolt and receiver are not "mated" to each other. This is why it is suggested to run through at least 300 rounds or 300 cycles of the bolt before "judging" the rifle. This can be done by hand, as I did, by just working the charging handle 300 times (no, not all at once, unless you're built like Arnold). Or, if you have that kind of cash and patience, you can run through 300 rounds, but with the knowledge that you'll have issue with it ejecting, feeding and locking up.

    Also, depending on the quality of the locking rollers, you may need to get different sized rollers. Some rollers are worn down from use and replacements are necessary, sometimes in +2 or +4 sizes. But, that's usually shown by the bolt coming out of battery too early, which is not your problem. Though, if someone just assumed they needed bigger rollers and replaced them on there when it wasn't necessary, that could potentially prevent it from locking up. You'd have to disassemble the rifle and use a caliper on the rollers. I don't have the exact "correct" dimensions of stock, +2, or +4 rollers handy, so you'll have to find that out.
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    Here are a couple things to check....

    1) Strip & clean the CETME - and clean, and clean again! The CETMEs tend to have a lot of 'monkey crap' down in the action. The lightly lube with a good dry lube like CLP Breakfree.

    2) Try new magazines - some mags don't like some rifles.

    3) Make sure the recoil spring and rod are straight. A bent rod can cause problems.
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    Cycle that sucker till your arm falls off! This is not a prissy AR weapon its a hard tough peice of work and she needs a little breaking in is all. And be sure the flutes are absolutely clean, break your fingers trying to clean it out and you've done a good job. If she still won't cylce through a magazine try a different magazine. If it's loading a round halfway/threequarters the way into the chamber and the bolt closing most of the way, you probably have weak mag springs. Every(most) Cetme owners goes through this, it's part of your relationship, she just wants to be sure your the right one.
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    I agree with enscribe, also clean her spotless and a little bit of sylicone grease on the rollers. Mine didnt seem to break in untill at least 300 rounds and was functoning flawlesly after 500 rounds.
  8. Hi Hatter,
    My Cetme does the same thing. It fires great till I put a couple of mags. worth through it and then it starts to heat up, once that happens, the bolt won't close all the way. I have to let the rifle cool down a bit and it starts all over again, but I noticed that each time I take it to the range I can put more rounds through it before it starts acting up. Guess it's breaking in.
    As far as the furniture goes, I have the wood with holes in it. My friend has the plastic and his gun gets so hot that you can't even hold it after a while. The wood is great, I have no such problems with it.
    One thing about the Cetme is it has to be really clean before you start to use it or you'll have problems right away.
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    I have the H&K wide foreguard and it has the aluminum heat shield inside so it doesn't transfer heat at all. I have also seen some Cetme's with the regular plastic and people have drilled their own holes where the indentions are. that seems to make it as good as wood. I personally don't like the wood a whole lot other than it's light weight.
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    anybody know how many kinds of stocks you can put on a cetme? I cracked mine today taking it apart to clean.
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    there's five that I know of. The wood of course, the plastic H&k black or green, the m4 style collapseable stock, the side folding stock, and the para collapseable stock (mp5 style). I have the wood, the H&K plastic black andthe m4 style. I use the m4 style most but wish I would have just bought the mp5 style instead.

    p.s. there might be some new JLD stocks out now due to the ptr-91's popularity in Iraq/Afganistan with the private contractors.
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    As above, plus the PSG-1 stock.