CETME first shoot went smooth

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  1. I think I should post here, I know that a few of you talked me into it a couple months ago I asked about the CETME and a few of you told me about what to expect.
    I purchased one and began working on it and making sure the head space was right thanks to some nice guys also from Militaryfirearm, I put a set of plus 4 rollers on it to get a better headspace.
    I worked the action on it for hours and cleaned the new grit that comes with a CAI CETME until the action was smooth to operate and dry fire.
    The result today was very good, no issues with the first magazine and as I put in another mag full of Aussie some hunters showed up and kind of took over our shooting are, oh well I feel we wouldn't have shooting rights if it was not for them so we left.
    It is a whole lot of fun shooting one of these! won't be long and I will be finishing a couple G3 builds I am working on.
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    Ya should'a kept shootin'. I use my Isabella for huntin'. I got her outfitted in wood and a 3x9x40, and she just loves the deer woods. She gets a lot of stares when she struts her stuff in front of those Remmys, Winnys, Savages and such and will kill deer just as dead. Don't just keep her for fun and hard times, take her out huntin' and enjoy her!

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    You had to leave?

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    I don't know about most people but when I get to the range and someone else is already there I figure they have just as much right to be there as I do and besides I like to see what other people are shooting. Who cares what it is
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    Public land and armed strangers?
  6. I think hunting season brings out a some of the selfishness in folks sometimes, but I can be a tough guy but I am also an Ecclesiastical person also, there is a time for everything and I had some fun that day.
  7. Where is this? I love old planes is that a C130? I am an old 431 its in my blood safetywire scars and all!
    thanks MJ!
  8. They pulled right in front of my target and then asked oh are you guys still shooting?
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    Quepos, they have the second best garlic shrimp I have ever had. The view isn't bad either but the monkey's run accross the roof in the early morning so there is no sleeping in. We drive down there, four hours, or fly Nature Air, hour and half, for the swordfishing contest in March.
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    I was curious about the airplane nose, too. Looks like a C-119 or C-123 to me. The nose is all wrong for a C-130.
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    It's a 123 and I have been is some sh!& holes in more that a few 123's in the 60's but today this one has a full bar and dance floor inside. About six years ago there wasn't a roof over it so when it rained you couldn't hear the music so they covered it the added the Lear jet for the dumb waiter from the kitchen. I have a picture of the inside some place This plane was shot down and abandoned in Nicaraugua and hauled the 150 miles on trucks to Quepos. Google it for the full story.
    ...............Costa Rica Hotels, Manuel Antonio Hotels, Beach Hotels...........

    I try and take the boss there for he birthday or Easter week which is a big thing down here.

    gun pic