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Discussion in 'CETME' started by Felix's Tattoo, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Felix's Tattoo

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    Has anyone used one of those $65 CETME mounts from Cheaper than Dirt? I can't convince myself to buy the high-priced ($165) one from Europe.
  2. All of my HK G3 and CETME's will have the weld on picatiny rail, I have heard and read many good things about them, since my CETME is CIA and the G3's are kits I see nothing to lose.

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    I use the claw mount from CTD. But upon firing it kept sliding forward until it stopped against the ejection port. In that location the ejected shell cases were flying into the mount and scope so I placed a single weld bead on the receiver where I wanted it to remain. The claw mount now locks up against the little bead and no longer has anywhere to slide. Problem solved.