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    Ok, so I bit on the $299 SOG CETME deal. Here inthe "Peoples Republic of Maryland" we have to wait 8-10 days for a background check before we can take delivery of such toys...
    But, I did go to the gun shop for "visitation rights". It looks ok, I have lots of cleaning ot do, but thats part of the fun. However, I have read much about the receivers. I know that the aluminum
    receivers arent worth %$#&. Mine has a stamped steel receiver, even though I asked for cast steel. Now, I read some unspecified negative remarks about stamped steel. What gives? I have other arms with stamped steel and have no problems... Can somebody fill me in?

    Also, I have read reams about the ammo issue. I know not to use Winchester commercial ammo cuz it's too hot. But what's this about not using surplus "NATO" (if you can even call it that) 7.62x51? I have a bunch of surplus rounds from Century, SOG and other suppliers. Some posts to this and other boards say not to use NATO 7.62x51 and only to use CETME 7.62x51 rounds... HUH?
    When I accumulate some boxer brass , I 'll go to working up loads, but in the mean time, I plan to use up this berdan primed stuff. Am I flirting with trouble? I found a web site devoted strictly to this issue and it really gave no definitive answer. Not even good information to make my own decision. WTF? can somebody fill me in here too?
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    Its a BS! there is nothing wrong with the stamped receivers,I have heard that the welding is a little crude and as for the ammo, The rifle is designed to use NATO ammo and if you can find any of the original 7,62x51 CETME ammo you are the only one to do so. I have talked to some people in Spain that uded the Model C for years and the dispelled many on the Myths on the rifle and the ammo........

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    The Hesse receivers got a bad name from builders due to out of spec tolerances. Most builders quickly decided no to touch them, too much of a pain to make right. If built right they'll run fine. The new Century stamped receiver with the infamous hole in front of the rear sight is alleged to be of stronger sheetmetal. This comes from Jayson at http://www.investmentgradefirearms.com who's built several CETME's on FMP, Hesse and the new Century receiver.

    Reliability hinges on the relationship of the trigger group to the receiver. If it's positioned correctly via the shelf you'll have a winner. The top of the trigger frame must ride as close to the lower curve on the receiver as possible. If the front of the frame droops, the ejector will be low in it's bolthead groove and get less bight on the spent casing. Sometimes no bight at all causing FTEjects.
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    Did I read this correctly , SOG has CETME's for $ 299 ?

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    God Bless
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    YUP!!! SOG has CETME's for $299.00 , check the web site
    SOUTHERNOHIOGUN.COM or call them at 800-944-4867.

    I looked at mine during "visitation". Stapmed reveiver, and needs some ( alot) of cleaning, but overall, I'm pleased with what I see. Of course, I havent looked inside or squeezed off the first round yet either.

    $299 may sound cheap, but I'll bet they're makin a killing on them. Century buys and assembles them for "spit", sells em to others for a fair chunk o change and we wind up gettin them for about double or triple what Century has in em . Yer local FFL adds 25-30% (bless his heart) and suddenly we have an expensive collector's item. Capitalism, it STILL beats the dog doo
    out of anything else around. At least ( even in the Peoples Republic of Maryland) we can afford, buy and own such toys!
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    The CETME Modelo C (which the parts for these rifles came from) is good ol' 7.62 NATO spec. Any surplus 7.62 ammo with a NATO cross-in-circle ought to be just fine. I have shot about 200 rounds each of Portugese and Austrian (no NATO stamp, but is every bit as high-quaility as the NATO stuff, and some lots are boxer primed) And I do not worry about a limited diet of .308 for my CETME either. The guns these parts were made for are capable of FULL AUTO.

    I have the cast receiver, but it is my understanding that the stamped receivers share the same outer dimensions as the original stamped G-3 type receivers, so scope mounts should fit better (though I have heard some complain that the mounting points are less prominent and the top anchor point may be absent). Other than that, the main hang-up seems to be unsightly or poorly done welds. The rear sight welds on a couple of the stamped guns I have seen looked like they were done in a high school shop class-- by the "slow" kid... The only funcitonal problem I had with my CETME was that the mags would pop out with every shot. It was a fitting issue, solved by filing on the right part of the magazine. Before that I was having to litterally pound on the mag heels to get them to lock at all. Buddy, I warn you- ejection on these rifles is violent and long-range. And that muzzle brake makes it LOUD. Take the lane on the far right end of the range...

    More great CETME info here:
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    Yesterday , I called the guy that runs one of the local rifle ranges , to see about ordering a CETME . He said fine , $ 25.00 transfer fee . No problem .

    Called SOG today and ordered it . The lady on the phone said it should get to the rifle range latter part of next week .

    May need help from you guys cleaning it & head spaceing it , so I can try it out .

    I am some what familiar with dropping bolt ( FAL , SKS & Hakim ) , bolt action and semi-auto with bolt ( Garand , Carbine & M14 / M1A ) .

    I understand the CETME is delayed blow back w/ roller locking . I suspect this is somewhat like the CZ52 pistol .

    Any tips on checking HS on this type of action ?

    God Bless

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    Roller Delayed blowback is unlike any other semi auto action. You'll see when you strip the gun. It's called "roller delayed" because there are these two rollers that sort of act like locking lugs for the bolt, but when the gun is fired, they are rolled in a manner to retract into the bolt as they push the curved surfaces of a piece that pushes back the bolt carrier. Something you really have to get the hang of disassembling.
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    CETME !

    Picked up the SOG $299 CETME from local FFL on Saturday. Took it home, disassemble and cleaned. Not too shabby. Was pretty pleased with what i saw. The last post is right , blowback bolt is pretty cool. Leave it to those clever Germans. Much like the blowback system in the CZ-52 pistol... Anyway, to the range on SUnday and WOW!!! SCHWEEETTT!!!
    Nice, loud, authorative report, little to no recoil and man is it accurate. Started at 50 yds. , moved on to 100... and I LIKE IT!
    YUP , good old surplus NATO .308's get digested just fine... This is a very nice piece..... Well worth the investment.

    BTW, after I picked it up, I made the rounds of a local gun show which happened to be this weekend... Same gun , no less than $500 on any vendor's table... Many of them in much lesser condition than what SOG sent me. SOG has always sent me good stuff.. I read all the dogging of Century too, but I've not yet gotten a bum steer from them either. Quite the contrary. The M44 and M-48A' from Century were new (literally) as was the SKS from SOG...
    If the L1A1 is as nice, ... I'll be there!!!
    :assult: :assult: :assult: :assult: :assult: :D