Chamber cleaning methods.

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  1. I've got a few Mosins that could probably use a little cleaning in the chamber. I'm just wondering what methods everyone else uses for this.....Yes, I wanna steal your secret method, so please help and tell me. lol I've tried a .410 bronze shotgun brush, but I broke a few brushes that way. I was thinking about trying the brush agian but this time strapping it to a drill and try that while spraying some nitro or soapy water down the muzzle to help lubracate it and see if I can keep the brush intact and get some where that way, but that sounds a little messier than I'd like to be if I can avoid it. Any ideas would be great! Thanks!
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    Yep. .410 or .45ACP brush on cleaning rod chucked into a variable-speed drill works well for me. Keep the speed fairly low. Blue Wonder bore cleaner works very well too - it's a gel and stays put better than liquids. Gets out stuff Hoppes never even knew was there! :)
    A bit of 0000 steelwool wrapped around a brush puts a nice final polish on it.
    Go easy though!

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    The number one stuff i've found that works well is "J-B non-embedding bore cleaning compound". The formula was created by J-B, but it's licensed thru brownell for production. So try Brownells - World's Largest Supplier of Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts and Gunsmithing Tools . I think the model number of the substance is: 083-065-002

    I'll see if i can find a link to it somewhere, it's about as thick as peanut butter, so it holds really well, and it's decently easy to clean out of grooves....i always use hoppes nitro solvent to remove any excess i missed.
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    yup the J-P is the best it liquidfies when it gets warm. be careful on the rpm's go slow and be patient... ya gotta let the stuff, it gets messy but it will clean away fouling that nothing else will. laquer build up, copper, and the "funk" that seems to be found in most old Soviet guns.
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    well, it shows the price being over $10 for a 2oz bottle on their website: J-B® NON-EMBEDDING BORE CLEANING COMPOUND at Brownells but i bought locally for $9.

    dang, cant find a single website that sells it except for directly thru brownells....u know it's bad when u type in the model number on google and get only 1 result :(
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    where did you get it local at Mike a gun shop or ???
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    wait, i'm do we use solvent to clean the inside of the barrel or a bore cleaning compound? or both?
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    This discussion is for cleaning the CHAMBER - of old cosmoline and crud that can cause the old 'sticky bolt' syndrome.
    Once that is done, then clean the bore as per normal.
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    Swiss chamber brush

    I found that a old Swiss Mil Surp chamber brush from Numrich works pretty good its a shaped piece of sheet metal coverd with a screen type material.
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    M60 MG Chamber brush.
  11. ok, first of all try not to use a metal brush for a BIGGER round, i have some .30 cal brushes that i use for any guns within .03 inch, between .330 and .270, so if you can try to find some decent brushes, by all means buy em
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    I use a 20 gauge shotgun brush myself. Seems to work just fine if I soak it in Hoppe's No. 9 before I start. Follow up is with cloth patches soaked in No. 9, then dry patches, then an oil patch.