Chance of Divorce...0%...but common sens police work at work here.

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    This proves a .22 in the hand beats a 44 mag at home.

    MOUNT VERNON, Missouri, (AP) -- Florists were hanging wisteria at Charlotte Ann Neely-White's home for her wedding when a stranger drove up, claimed there was a bomb in his car, and made the mistake of demanding her beloved pickup.

    Neely-White had her fiance get her pistol, and while she fought with the man, the gun went off, wounding the man in the chest.

    A few hours later, Neely-White got married as scheduled.

    "It was a long day," the former public school principal said Friday.

    "This lady was as calm as a cucumber. She can withstand anything. I admire her guts," said flower arranger Linda Cassidy. "I don't think I'd want to make her upset."

    Lawrence County Sheriff Doug Seneker said he had no doubt that Neely-White acted in self defense.

    Witnesses said the confrontation started about three hours before Neely-White's Fourth of July wedding.

    The stranger "went rushing by and then he slammed on his brakes, and then he came into the yard, and he said 'Somebody call 911 quick, there's a bomb in my car,"' Cassidy said. "He was scared and excited, and just kind of wired."

    Then he demanded that Neely-White give him her pickup.

    She refused.

    "Have you ever had anything you really love? Well, I love that truck," said Neely-White, 55.

    She said the man threatened to set off the bomb if she didn't give him her truck. "I said, 'No sir, you go ahead and set the bomb off. My house needs work anyway."'

    Neely-White said the man attacked her with a riding whip, so she yelled for her fiance, who had gone inside to call police, to grab her .22-caliber pistol.

    "I probably mowed my fiance over," Neely-White said. As a former principal, it was in her nature to take control, she said.

    Seneker said Neely-White and the assailant struggled for the gun, and it went off, hitting the man once in the chest. He managed to grab the gun from her, break a window in Neely-White's pickup with a piece of firewood and open the door. With the gun pointed at her, Neely-White backed off.

    Police later arrested Jorge Luis Cecenas, 30, after he allegedly abandoned the pickup. He was charged Friday, while hospitalized with a chest wound, with first-degree assault and other counts.

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    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Whotta woman - Bugs Bunny

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    If I was her new husband,I'd make sure I never asked to borrow her truck.
  4. Crooks are dumb to begin with, but this idiot takes the cake trying to pull off a hiest at someone's home when he had no idea what she had to defend herself with.
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    What incompetance! She gave the bad guy a gun! Anyone with the slightest bit of sense knows you do not engage in hand to hand combat while holding a loaded firearm. If the bad guy gets close, you shoot him until he stops, preferably permanently. This incident is the kind of BS antigunners love to talk about.
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    I'm not fighting anyone over personal property. However, lay a hand on one of my loved ones & face lethal force untill hostilities cease.
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    If I was the new husband I'd be getting her a 45acp.
    it would have ended right there, no broken window, no missing truck, no weapon taken from anyone, no twenty years of my tax money sopporting this *** hole while he gets a collage degree in jail.
  8. Agree with Klaus--anyone who has had proper firearm training would know better. If you were going to defend yourself with a handgun, why would you get close enough to have your firearm taken away?
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    That's one tough woman.

    Here's enough material for an interesting movie. Could be out within a year.(ha) That's one tough and brave woman.

    Also, her new husband should keep his act straight and narrow because she's capable of pulling a "Bobbit" on him.
  10. Hmmmm

    One tough woman? Maybe.

    One very lucky idiot? Definately.

    Struggling with an assailant with your loaded gun in the middle?

    What about the onlookers?

    When rushed by an assailant, recoil backwards, set, aquire target and shoot. :gangster:

    No WWF bs for me.

    You do have to admire her resolve though.....:cool:
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    Well if this man comes back and sues for not being able to run fast enough to steal cars we will all want to chip in and get her a nice .44 Magnum....
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    seems wierd

    Lots of questions here. His wife to be is being whipped by a stranger.
    Why didn't he help out?
    Why and how the hell did he give her a gun while she was wrestling with a crazy person?
    Why didn't the husband get a crowbar and write excedrin all over the guy's cranium?

    Sounds like at least a few people in this scenario wanted to wipe themselves from the gene pool.
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    'Cause shes a bigger man than him?
  14. Joe--you are probably right.
  15. NRAJOE

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    Alright someone replied to me,thought I was invisible there for 10 or 15 posts...whew!
  16. Shaun

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    I loved reading this on the AP today sounds like this woman has her priorities straight
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    Tough old broad, for sure!

    But next time I'd suggest El President'e Two to the chest plus one to the head! The story is easier to sort out if you only have to listen to one side.