Change ownership for handguns.

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  1. Ok Im in the process of getting my pistol purchase permit in North Carolina. A friend of mine has a connection somehow and can get me the handgun I want (Springfield XDm 4.5" .40S&W) new for $500. Only problem is he lives in South Carolina. Lets say I just give him the $500 to get the gun and he puts it in his name to buy it, what would I have to do to put it in my name?
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    Nothing. We don't have to register guns in this country yet. Please note that your friend is breaking the law buying the gun the way he is. But it is legal to do a private sale to you.

  3. so if I give him the 500, to buy it for me, that is illegal. but if he buys it and then i buy it from him that is legal?
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    When the buyer fills out the 4473 it asks if he/she is the actual buyer of the gun. If the purchase is actually being made knowingly for someone else (you) that is considered a "straw purchase" and is illegal under federal law. If your friend buys the gun, tries it out a couple of times and just doesn't like it, and sells it to you subsequently, that's legal, PROVIDED you are both residents of the same state. If you live in different states, the transfer needs to go through a dealer. Just the law.

    As stated there is no "registration" (yet) in this country but there is the little matter of federal laws that need to be observed.
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    To have someone knowingly buy a handgun for someone else is known as a "strawman" purchase and is against federal law. Even if you wanted to buy a handgun for your spouse you would need to have them go down with you at the time of the purchase and they would have to fill out the form and have the background check done on them. There are some places that do require you to register handguns so the statement there is no registration isn't completely true. You should ask your friend if he can give you the name of the company that is selling the pistol and then contact them and see if you could buy it out of state and have them transfer it to a local FFL that will charge you a small fee.
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    +1Your purchase would be illegal. In fact, rumor has it that the BATFE is doing stings on internet trying to entrap people into straw purchases or FTF sales across state line.The $45 you save in shipping and FFL fees might become VERY expensive.
  7. All the paperwork and meetings and stuff that i've already had to do and still don't have a handgun is pushing me to the point of not even wanting one anymore. I can have just as much fun shooting my shotguns.
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    This is incorrect, and a violation of Federal Law.

    A transfer of a gun, across state lines, without transferring it through an FFL, is a Federal Felony.

    To OP:

    Just be patient, and buy a gun after you get your permit to buy guns.

    Otherwise, move to a state that is less restrictive.
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    I believe that is why the anti-gunners put those hoops in place. Many people get discouraged and just give up.

    If you think buying a handgun is bad, try buying a Saiga Rifle and then putting in a 30 round magazine.
  10. North Carolina isn't so restrictive, but the only places around here without driving hours away is pawn shops and those guys REALLY like their guns. That on top of you really don't know how well they have been taken care of.