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Changing my name"

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Rick the Librarian, Jun 16, 2002.

  1. I'd like to change my posting name to "Rick the Librarian", as I'm known on the other forums (I feel like I'm an imposter using Rick Slater, even though it IS my real name!

    While I know a fair amount about '03s, I can't seem to figure out how to change my posting name on this forum.

    Any EASY instructions on how?


    Rick the Librarian (ah, that's sounds better!)
  2. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

    You can not, only Admins can.

    I am changing it now, you might have to re-login using that name, and the same password

  3. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

  4. Changing my name

    Thanks, Chris -- I no longer feel like an imposter!
  5. Gus L.

    Gus L. G&G Newbie

    Hey Rick,
    Do you place your rifles in the safe by the Dewey decimal system??
    LOL, Just kiding. :D
  6. My usual "needle" is if I have my books (I have a big library, surprise, surprise!) in Dewey Decimal order. Nope on both counts -- too many 940.5s (WWII) and weapon books (623)!

    Size looks a lot NEATER!