Charging Handle Retaining notch wear from Steel Charging handle

Discussion in 'AR15' started by MosinRuger, Oct 29, 2020.

  1. MosinRuger

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    Well, lesson learned the hard way, perhaps.

    I noticed something that to me is a bit concerning on my S&W mp-15. this is about a 10 y/o gun with maybe 2500 rounds through it, no, I dont shoot as much as id like!

    anyways, the notch that retains the charging handle latch has become very worn down by the charging handle latch. I believe this is becuase i have had installed a steel, enlarged or "enhanced" chanrging handle latch. steel vs aluminum, steel wins every time.

    as soon as i realized what was happening i swapped it back to an aluminum latch to hopefully preserve the life of the upper, however i fear that i have significantly reduced its longevity at this point; it still latches, but the wear was likely accelerated.

    this picture is not mine, i just quickly found one on google images as an example of where to look; the shiny bare aluminum part:

    so anyways, the purpose of this is not to moan about my upper, It can easily be replaced, if i can ever find a replacement, but more of a warning to those out there that may be running steel CH latches, check your upper and i suggest swapping back to alum, even if its an enlarged style.

    this is the one im using on all of my ar's now. I love it.
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  2. Ten Man

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    Aftermarket "re-engineering" of a firearm, by those that are not firearms engineers, often leads to unintended consequences.
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  3. runfiverun

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    I guess they missed spring day in engineering school.

    you can always D&T that spot right there then insert and locktite a non headed screw in place.
    then file to height and shape.
    that gives you steel to steel contact.
  4. MosinRuger

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    great idea! I did order a new replacemenet upper, just in case.

    FYI primary arms has uppers in stock for $49.99. if the worst comes nov 3 or 5th or 7th.. it may be hard to find parts like this.
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    AKA screwing up a soup sandwich.

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  6. runfiverun

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    that's how we fix lee 6 cavity molds after the steel opener wears a groove in the aluminum.
  7. TACAV

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    Use a BCM Gunfighter Charging handle, they make them in different sizes and ambi or non ambi or a Radian Raptor.

    They re-einforce the pin area and the latch area around the latch pivot pin but the metal around the latch point with the upper receiver is the same metal... Milspec receivers and charging handles are usually 7075 T6 aluminum.

    That way you can run the charging handle one handed without breaking/wearing your upper receiver AND without warping your charging handle or snapping the pin area which is what happens when people use other after market extended charging handles that only replace the latch size and not re-enforce the pin area.
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