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    :eek: I saw a snubby .38 :p at a show 2day....looked like stainless for $$240 brand spanking :eek: but I just didn't have it to spare :rolleyes: :fuss: :nod: :target: what do y'all think of these little snubnose popguns ?
  2. I own the same. DO NOT USE "+P " ammo !!! It won't handle it. .38 Special ONLY. That is the Manufactors Recomendations. Great little point n shoot pistol. opinion
    Also have the Charter 357, 5 shot bulldog. These are now my hidden quick grab home defense guns. Your not always going to be in the bedroom when sh t happens. I pray that I never have to use it. But may my shot be true if it happens.
    It's not like your going to shoot 1000 rounds though it. Right?
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