cheap gun saves the day

Discussion in 'General Handgun' started by PAPA G, Sep 1, 2010.

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    It looks like she's still angry! ..Like the photographer was the intruder. I'm glad they took the time to pose for a nice P.R. photo. The headline SHOULD say something like "Rapper turned actor Curtis "50 cent" Jacksons Angry Gammie gets gangsta on lil wannabe thugs"

  3. grizcty

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    Good for Granny!
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    impossible!!! That paper weight must have exploded in her hand or failed to fire or something!!!
  5. Dutch

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    Oh crap, her gun was under her pillow and not properly secured! someone call the police! She is IRRESPONSIBLE!

    Seriously though, good on her.
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    ^^ Thanks,


    I started writing something similar.
    But didn't post it.
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  7. There's something to be said for a cheap crap gun that you stick in your bed stand drawer and only plan on using once.
    Not everyone plans to shoot competition or hunt, etc.
  8. DaTeacha

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    Yep, that philosophy is what keeps Taurus in business. :)

    Sorry, I couldn't let that opening pass without commenting.
  9. chesterwin

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    I like the fact she didn't have her finger on the trigger when the photo was taken. A clue she may be a safe firearms owner!
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  11. Dutch

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    Haha, good stuff. My wife is absolutely loyal to her Taurus 38 revolver though. For an inexpensive model 10 clone, is sure works well for her. I am glad she was able to take care of herself. Agreeing with Taurus Fan, a cheap snubbie in hand is better then a cop on the phone.
  12. BarryHalls

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    HA, that's right down right road from me. I have through Decatur (the rough side too) to get to the interstate. I bet I've been through her neighborhood hundreds of times.
  13. Alan Duke

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    I noticed that she was indexing too.
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    apparently neither she, the burgler, the bullet, nor the gun knew that a .38 was insufficient.
  15. Don357

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    I agree, not everyone can shell out $300+ for a home defence gun that they may never use, and if they do, they're only 5 to 8 ft from the target.
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    Sounds like my grandma. If she doesn't know your coming she comes to the door with a .45. One time she answered the door like that on some state troopers that came to ask her if she had a cow loose. I'm glad this grandma was prepared and wasn't hurt. I was surprised to see a picture like that though.