Cheap Mosins Western Maryland?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by MarylandGunner, May 10, 2008.

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    so finally got some extra cash and want to purchase a mosin been checking them out at local gun shops but they all seem a little over priced. Cheapest i seen them for is $110 and im trying to find a place that sells them a little cheaper so if anyone knows of any places pleaser leave thier name,phone number, email address, or website

    Cheap SKS woul dbe nice to they sell them for $250 and i think that can be beat to

  2. Get a C&R (03-FFL) license from BATF and you can order from on-line dealers like J&G, SOG, Classic, AIM, and etc. It may take a month or two, and cost $30 for 3 years, but it opens up a new world of low cost collecting.

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    huh may have to look in to that
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    IF your looking for cheap keep in mind these things
    The price is depentent on the condition of the rifle in most pawn shops but you can look it over and handle it you cant by mail or UPS
    second 110 to 130 isnt a bad price on a M44 or 91x30 when you consider transfer fees and shipping
    250 is about average for a SKS non yugo and about 200 for a yugo

    Prices on everthing are going up and I doubt they will get cheaper.
    As with everything there will always be a better deal someone else got !!
    If you see it and you like it better buy it :)
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    I got my 91/30 for $79.00 plus $18.00 shipping, and a $30.00 transfer fee. Got it from JandG. The gun looked great! I called their number to talk to them about the condition of their Nagants and with what they said, I could not have been any happier with what arrived! Nagants from JandG have gone down in price. The thing about them, is when they say very good-to-excellent condition, that's what it is. Buying at a store, I am not quite sure what to look for, other than the obvious: barrel bent at a 90 degree angle, bolt falls out, rusted beyond repair, looking like you need a tetanus shot just looking at it, etc...
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    I have always been happy with J&G on rifles and ammo.. ohh and the tetanus shot thing is just about what my type 53 looked like when it came but bolt full of mudd to boot
    gotta love cleaning up rifles LOL
  7. Personally, I don't think $110 is all that bad. I mean, they've already paid the shipping to get it also. All you have to do is one, like Marion has pointed out, INSPECT IT and IN PERSON, and 2, just pay the tax on top of the cost of it and you're on your way home with it if it passes/passed your inspection.
  8. The idea of getting an 03-FFL is to allow you to be oppertunistic and save a little money.

    That said: I have bought most of my MN's (and the SKS) in-person at either Big 5 or J&G (luckily I live fairly close to J&G), but there are some rifles that are harder to find in the local stores (here in the desert) like M38's and M39's as well as M44 Tula's (although I did find the Hex receiver M44 at Big 5). So the 03-FFL does come in real handy (for ammo as well).

    $110 isn't bad, but $84.95 ($69.95+$15 shipping) is even better, not counting the gas to drive all over town (although that is part of the fun a couple of times a month).:drive:
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    My laminated Mosin M44 was $79.99 +$15.40 shipping, no transfer fee. Thank God for C&R licenses.

    I've never had a problem with one I've ordered online....knock on wood. And I've ordered from J&G, AIM, IO, and SOG.
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    yeah i wish there was a big 5 around her always hear you guys talking about them so i checked out thier site awhile back and none on east coasty i went to the gun shop friday and they had a m44 which was in pretty good shape for $110 might go and try and get it this weekend and the sks for 250$ are yugo's thats all the stores has havent seen any russian or chinese but i might wait and get sks later on in the summer

    thing also is im not 21 yet and i dont think you cvan get your c&r until them but i dont know
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    CR age is 21
    and doubt you will see many russian SKS's or original chinese but probably norincos made for shippment to this country and 250 for a yugo unless it is letter perfect is 50 bucks to much
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    yeah thats what im thinking the sks are yugo and not in good shape at all seems to me like the gunshop owner is buying them at the price you guys pay and reselling them and thing is alot of people around here dont know the difference and just pay it