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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Marine1, May 20, 2008.

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  2. Diesel was $1.71.9 today. Thats one dollar and seventy one point nine cents per litre. Yoiks.

    Just thought I`d share :D

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  4. Hey Johnny,

    Thats about $6.80.9 per US gallon. Glad I'm here in the good o'ld USA Its only $3.75/gal. here but then again water is $8.00 if you buy it in a conviently robbed store.

    You know it seems like yesterday, I was pumping gas for $00.27.9 per US gallon and I had to check the oil and clean front and rear windows, ****... I'm getting old.
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    Thanks for the info y'all, but I've started only to look at the gallons at the pump, not the $. When I was looking at the $ I'd be concerned and depressed, NOW I'm happy again :)
  6. I got 3.55 in Jonesburro at a kroger. The only problem is that it is an hour away!
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    Johnny Revolver: Sir; has your country had the same type of increases from the Oil Companys.
    In the past year our pricing has raised about $1.75 per gallon
    liter approx. 3.875
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    Thats one can cross check the other. Thanks you!