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    now this is a neat ar conversion. sure it might be a .22 but man can you imagine the ammo you could put down range nobody would raise thier heads up to see whos shooint at them . it would be a good bugout gun for sure ammo is light and you could carry thousands and thousands of rounds
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    New York
    Oh, that sure looks interesting. Probably against the law in New York, though; high capacity magazine like that.

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    Wow that looks pretty awesome...i need an AR first tho lol
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    So would you still have to pay the $200 NFA tax to put this on an AR?
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    From the first paragraph on the site:
    So, no, you don't need a tax stamp, you don't even need a transfer. You order it from a distributor, as they say they aren't taking direct orders anymore, and have it shipped directly to your door.
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    Now that is extremely interesting. How clever that it goes in like a standard magazine. It seems like such a simple kit too.

    So...if you buy the conversion, since the kit itself isn't a firearm, you don't need a tax stamp, and the resulting modified weapon is also exempt? Neat!

    Still not sure this doesn't beat it, though: The .22 Rimfire Minigun

    - Coeloptera
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    That's pretty interesting! Now if only I could stay in Georgia :-(. I'm still somewhat skeptical about how it could BATFE approved and be fully automatic.
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    Where did they ever say it was select-fire or fully-auto?... The company is called "Lakeside Machine", as in a machine shop. It's not a "machine gun".

    Edit: Okay, I just watched their video where the guy goes from 3rd burst to fully-auto. That would require a Class III Lower Receiver and fire control group, which will certainly set you back $200 for a tax stamp.
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    I thought that all of the kits would be Full Auto. Now I get it.
  12. I wanna know where you buy belt .22 ammo?
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    Yea! That's also a good question!
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    More than likey buy the belt and re-ammo it yerself.
  15. i saw a video of someone shooting that a long time ago

    cool, but why not just get a calico or an american 180?