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Pred said:
While I can't wait to buy my first SKS, and while I love what the guy did to the gun, for $150 more you could build an AR-15 with the same accessories, and better accuracy. If I went out to buy a used SKS-D right now, I'd pay what, atleast $425? For another $100 I could build an AR on a brand new lower and a used upper. The rear sight would cost a little more, but everything else would be the same. Not trying to start a flame war, just pointing out that I disagree with the whole "inexpensive" part when you start out with an almost $500 gun. Now, if he had started with a really nice $200 SKS, that would be a different story. If you agree or not, as I said, thats just the way I feel. Nice find Ifly, that gun is still really cool.

What crack head gave you those prices for an SKS?

I bought mine new for 80 bucks at a gun show sometime back and I can hit anything with it. See the owner of a gun knows his gun, knows how it shoots and will be accurate with it no matter what.

I think the gun looks pretty darn cool and is giving me ideas on how to fix mine up. And at the end of the day, so what if it doesnt look good, it was only a 80 dollar rifle and I can take accessories off and use them on another gun.

I'd rather have a 80 dollar SKS than a 500.00 AR-15 :) because I can pretty much guarantee you the SKS will be more reliable than a 500.00 AR
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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