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Chiappa Firearms M1-22 short cycling

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Its now been like 5 years since Id purchased a used Chiappa M1-22 carbine.
First time out it functioned perfictly (above freezing temps) the few following trips it had some issues with gummy parts from old lube.
Through cleaning and another outting and it was basicly a magazine fed single shot.
I looked again and tightened up a part that had backed out (recoil spring guide rod)
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Make sure there is no gap between the hex portion of guide and where it threads into the op-rod.
The 3 threads out was enuf to cause short cycling and not fully resetting the hammer on firing.
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Reminds me of the Erma .22 L.R. Carbine I owned back in early 70s. Sure was a handy carbine. I believe the stock was cherry wood on that one.
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Not familiar with the Chiappa brand concerning the feed on their M-1 style but come to think of it my Erma did give me occasional feed issues once and a while. Although never did experiment with different brands of 22 ammo. Never did have an issue with my 10/22 Rugers.
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