Chicago's on fire due to Black Lies Matter outright lies.

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    if you havnt seen the news lately downtown Chicago was engulfed in full blown looting and riotting yesterday after Black LIES matter spread more outright lies about a Chicago Police shooting.

    Police had been called for reports of a man with a gun in the neighborhood. They showed up found the 20 year old ADULT male matching the given description and tried to stop him. The male who has a long violent criminal history pulled a handgun out and fired at the officers.

    The police returned fire and shot and WOUNDED the adult male suspect, took him into custody and took him to the hospital,and recovered his illegal handgun...

    What did Black LIES Matter do? Started more lies on social media and amongst the city that the police had shot and killed an unarmed 15 year old teen.... which all these stupid libtard cant think for themselves morons took at face value and went and started the looting and fire setting.

    The mayor has since ordered all the bridges leading into downtown Chicago raised like q castle lifting its moat draw bridges.... and they are preparing for more looting and BLM attacks tonight.

    BLM was founded on a lie. The whole "hands up dont shoot" BS that didn't happen (straight from black witnesses that saw the Michael Brown Ferguson, MO shooting) and they continue to spread their lies just to make pizza poor excuses to go riot, burn steal, rob and pillage their own cities.

    This is why no-one ever takes these people seriously. Just a bunch of thugs out looking to do thug things using any excuse, including made up ones.... and the democrat party leadership of mayors and governor's keep pandering to them and Antifa and others only for them to turn on them as well.

    All at the expense of the working tax payer.
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    More domestic terrorist activity by the scum. When will the local government grow a set of nuts and stop the chit now. Seems they only like violence so do some violent strikes at them and snuff them all out. Its time to remove them no matter in what manner. I could not imagine having to live there and being holed up. Time to snipe them

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    Sooooo...the headline should be "Chicago faces 68,140th day of normal levels of criminal violence, destruction of property and theft, but this time there were cameras."
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    For decades the brain-dead in Shitcago have been electing these far left commie politicians to office and enacting all these laws and policies catering to these commie scumbags. Now it’s comming back to haunt them....karma’s a b!t$h!!!
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