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    had one of them low lifes move in behind us in house. I was notified by the sheriffs department by email today and have been on the run since.
    First thing I did was make up flyers with all his information and I went door to door, we live on a street that runs beside the main road which is about mile long, I went from one in to the other talking to people and if they wernt home I left it so they can see when they come home....hell...I even left one in HIS mail box so he would know we know who HE is and will be watched. I trimmed all my trees and bushes where i can see behind them and over them and my spot lights on my deck will light it up more. Just dont know what else to do......told my kids about him and showed them his picture as well as the neighbors down the street so the other kids will know. I want so bad to just catch him in the yard and blow his dam brains out and say whooops .........dammit he will not get a moments rest till he leaves this neighborhood.......i promise ya that !!!!
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    There are a couple of those dirtbags in my neighborhood, I just stay away from them, as I personally don't want to associate with people who have committed such disgusting acts against children. I think making everyone in the area aware of his presence, is a good idea on your part, but don't go out of your way to hassle the fellow. They may be child rapists, but they will sure as heck file a lawsuit at a moment's notice.
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  3. TexasT

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    They notify people by email nowadays? They need to send snail mail too with pictures of the guy and ages of the children he committed crimes against.
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    I grew up with one of these pieces of crap up the next block from me. He was, of course, living right in the path of the bus stop so three blocks of kids had to pass his house every morning and evening. And there was another in the neighborhood who had been caught twice on our block actually molesting kids (one of those times he actually went into the house after the kid) and the cops would do nothing because he was mentally retarded. They wouldn't arrest or register that dirt bag. He was free to roam where he wished.

    Possibly door to door. Although not with pictures. Those kids need their privacy more than he does.
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  5. TexasT

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    Pictures of what the guy looks like. Not the kids. I need to re-word that.
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    they send them by snailmail where i live... no pix of the victoms though just details and pix of the perp. the go into great detail to even telling about scars and tattoos that could be used to identify him.
  7. Seabeescotty

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    Make the SOB so unwelcome, he'll move. But he'll just move to another area with kids. If you can catch the jerk doing something wrong, they might put him back where he belongs. But, as advised already, they know how to sue, so don't harass the lowlife, just make sure everyone knows about him!

    FISHPOND G&G Enthusiast

    Any-one who preys on the weak, women and children should be shot. No question asked. You let him know he aint welcome, be sure to let the school know also...
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    set him up for a fall. oops, did i say that out loud? accidents happen you know? that was out loud as well i bet.
  10. i tend to agree with ya, but one guy i know got a bad rap, he was put on that watch list because of a statutory rape charge..he was 19, his girlfriend at the time 16

    now it was dumb for him to be messing around with a 16 year old in the first place, but now his whole life is ruined cause of it

    (this is info i got from a friend)
  11. sell33

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    exactly what i was thinking^^^^^

    Not everyone of these guys is terrible, not that i mean to defend them but even the smallest absurd charges can get these guys labeled for life, i would at least see what he was charged with and the circumstances before i got too into tearing him down....

    BUT if he is a really terrible person i would say give him a couple weeks and if he doesn't bother anyone i personally still wouldn't bother him too much either. First mistake tho and he is gonna regret it
  12. Troy

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    establish his guilt, enough stupid mistakes have been made out of misled anger and tunnel vision. so yes, prove beyond all doubt his guilt. then, light him up. these bastards cannot be clogging up prisons where his/her space just MIGHT be used to rehab a criminal that could be turned around. there is NO ROOM in the public for these verming either. there is however room for these monsters on our fine planet, it starts about six feet down.
  13. Sooner Shooter

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    I wish they would give the sex offenders a number or something that would identify their offense. Sometimes they might just be taking a whiz and a small child sees them and other times it will be something major. The "something major" offense needs to have them put on an island somewhere with all the other peds but the minor offenses need to be identified. As far as I know in my area they are all treated the same. Might be wrong on that.
  14. Legba

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    This is how we should deal with child molesters in this country......
    2 To the head so you know they are dead.
  15. .22hustler

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    Gotta agree with stalebiscuit.. Every case is different, and you can't lump them all into one bucket.While the crime is totally shocking and disgusting, each case must be treated one on one.Just because this label is put on the crime, you don't know the true nature of the party, or the circumstances.
  16. CalifgirlinOk

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    What I don't understand is why the majority of molesters are men? I know theres a few women that molest but something is wrong here.Were they born that way or did they get molested as a child? Sex offenders leave their victims with scars that never go away no matter how much help they get.These children have baggage that they take into their adulthood and try to have healthy normal relationships.All I have is contempt for a person who takes away the innocence of a child.I know first hand-I'am a survivor.!!!!
  17. I guess I'm a little suspicious about the being notified by email. I just hope you verified with the sheriffs department that it was legit before you went around and potentially ruined an innocent guys life. Ya if he is one of those slime bags he gets what he deserves but until you know for sure. ???
  18. Cyrano

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    New York
    We had a convicted child molester move into our area a year or so ago. The County Sheriff, a retired Army brigadier general, put teams of deputies for a day on the main roads and handed every motorist a flyer with the scumbag's photo, address, vehicle description and license plate on them, to make sure the residents knew he was there. I wish the government would move all of these sickos to an island somewhere with no children on it. Parents of children have enough to worry about without them!
  19. Sounds like a good idea!
  20. Old Timer2

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    Ya can say what ya want about the Arkansas Sheriff's but ours is top notch. He has a website where he posts all the wanted, arrests, and the sex offenders. They get a special place, since they are on a separate map, with addresses, names, pictures, what their offense was, when it happened, etc. He also has an E-Mail alert, that comes up to all who subscribe to it, when one of them moves in or out, etc. Great man!!