Child Still Expelled for Toy Gun - a Year Later

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    This is INSANE!!


    Child Still Expelled for Toy Gun - a Year Later

    Parents want their child back in school. School board says no way


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    Samuel Burgos has fond memories of his friends at school, but he only gets to see them in pictures now.
    The 8-year-old boy hasn't been in school for a year and will likely miss another year if the Broward County School Board has its way.
    Burgos was suspended from school in November after a teacher found a toy gun in his backpack. But when the boy went to register to go back to Pembroke Pines Charter School, he was told he will be expelled for this school year, too, as part of the county's zero tolerance weapons policy.
    "He made a mistake, but why the severe punishment? I don't understand that," said Magdiel Burgos, Sam's dad.

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    School board officials said the rules are quite clear and that the toy gun constituted a weapon. A school board report on the incident mentions that Samuel showed the toy gun to another student and it was capable of firing projectiles.
    That's all it takes for it to be considered a weapon.
    "This is in his backpack and it's a toy. It's not a real gun. It's a toy," said Magdiel Burgos, twirling a plastic gun.
    The school board said they would admit Samuel into a correctional school for problem children who have been expelled located in Hallandale Beach.
    The parents refused and believe their son has already paid for his mistake enough. Samuel has since been home-schooled, but his parents want him back in public school.
    "I can't sit here and allow them to send my kid to a school where students have committed actual crimes," Burgos said. "He hasn't committed a crime."
    Next week, the family will attend a school board meeting to try and get their son back in class as soon as possible, but that could be after Thanksgiving.
    Burgos says his child has been set back emotionally and will probably have to repeat the second grade. He thinks there should be some room to determine that his child didn't bring a real gun to school.
    "I understand the board is concerned about schools, and as parents we are concerned, too, but they need to work with us," he said.
    The school board says it's common sense to know that this kind of item can't be allowed on school campus and that responsibility also falls on parents to know what their children have in their backpacks.
    For more on what your child can and can't bring to school, go to

    First Published: Sep 16, 2010 4:15 PM EDT
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    So a 7 year old got 2 years for bringing a nerf gun to school? I love how the zero tolerance policy takes away any burden of decision making for the school.

    I know the policy was designed to protect the school from lawsuit, but it is ridiculous. We had that first grader (?) expelled for drawing a picture of a gun, there was that high school girl in trouble because someone saw a steak knife in her car, where does it end? Is this really how we want the next generation to think about weapons, that even pictures of weapons are taboo in modern society?

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    We don't want the kids to think of weapons that way but the liberals do. Guess who is in charge of the school systems.
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    This is retarded. Can't the parents sue this idiotic school district?
  5. If only, if only my friends.

    In my eyes, this just prove's Michael Savage's old addage: "Liberalism is a mental disorder."
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    zero tolerence = zero intellegence. it really makes sense to take a normal kid and put them in with real criminals so they can learn how to really be bad. that way they are captives to the "system" for the rest of their lives and the all knowing Gov't has an excuse to dominate their lives with our tax dollars to justify their useless jobs. hopefully (for the liberal establishment) he will end up un educated, with a criminal history and un-able to find a good job because of his record. that way he will fit into the entitlement scheme and be dependent on the Gov't. as far as his schooling, if the school board is that &%*$#$ up, he is better off being home schooled. congradulations Broward school board for ruining another young mind.this kind of crap makes me sick!
  7. They violated his civil rights. You wonder why parents home school. They are teaching your children to be terrified of guns. That's child abuse. I'd sue them personally.
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    After we take back our Country then we are going to have to take back our schools. Zero tolerance must be eliminated nation wide. Every infraction must be judged on its own merits. Any punishment exceeding 3 days expulsion should require a review by a 6 member parental oversight committee.
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    Remember in November Folks. Tell everyone you know!
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    Quite frankly if they can afford to home school the children they would be far better off in the end result.