Chili Chili Chili!!

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  1. Ok, so I am out of the country and getting homesick for some food.
    Why did I come make it worse by looking around here? I dont know.
    But when I come back, I am cooking some good stuff for sure...

    So, does anyone have an extra tasty tournament-grade chili recipe they wouldn't mind posting? I dont wanna blow anyones secrets.
    BTW spicy is OK :)
  2. Here is the 2007 world champion's recipe
    Winning Recipe

    Boomas Revenge Ingredients: 3 lb tri tip
    1 med onion minced
    1 sm can green chiles diced
    3 cloves of garlic minced
    1 can chicken broth
    1 1/2 tsp Tabasco
    1 8 oz. can Hunt's tomato sauce

    Blend together:
    2 tbsp mexico hot powder
    2 tbsp mexico mild powder
    2 tbsp california hot powder
    2 tbsp california mild powder
    3 tbsp cumin
    1 tsp black pepper
    2 tsp salt
    1 tsp sugar
    2 tsp msg
    1 tsp mexican oregano
    Instructions: Brown meat in small batches; return to pot with veggies, chicken broth, and half the spice mix. Simmer 2 hrs. Add remaining spice mix and cook for 1 hr. adding liquid if necessary. Adjust seasonings to personal taste last 15 min.

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    Whatever you do, don't put beans in it. But you should know these things. You're a Texan.
  4. I can live without beans, but not without pickles. Something about sharp cheddar cheesse and chopped chunks of dill pickle in my chili that makes my mouth water.
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    Now THAT is different!
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    I have many different chili recipies....and I use beans!!!!! I even have vegetarian chili, which is might tasty.

    Here is basically what I do...

    I cook by taste, so sorry if I don't give exact ingredients.

    Cook in its own fat 1lb of ground chuck, lean, plus one pound of ground pork.

    Add the following while cooking, or alternatively you can start off by making a base then adding the meat in later on.

    1 diced white onion
    5 cloves of crushed fresh garlic
    1 diced green and red bell peppers
    Chili powder
    celery salt
    Siracha sauce
    black pepper
    cinnamon - just a very tiny dash of it
    beans - 1 cup of red 1 cup of black (soak them over night before hand)
    1 airplane bottle of southern comfort (or any sweet liquor)
    1 habenero pepper, sliced in half vertically and tossed in to simmer

    Cook it, and then let simmer for a few hours or slow cook in a crock pot.

    Garnish with cheese, crackers, and whatever else you want.

    I don't really have any set amounts since I just start by adding small amounts and taste it, let it cook for a bit and add any more if needed. The touch of cinnamon makes it have a slight sweet after taste, so it is spicy at first and clears the sinuses but in the end it has a bit of sweet after taste. I have also added some veggies to that recipe in the past.
  7. Audacious Axis Chili

    Here's one of my recipes, you may have some problems finding the exact spices and such just substitute as required. I prefer to use a extra large dutch oven I have for this recipe, but a heavy stock pot works well too.

    5 lbs Coarse ground Axis venison
    2 lbs ground turkey
    2 lbs ground pork
    1 qt beef broth
    4-6 tbls fresh chil powder
    3-5 tbls fresh cumin
    1-2 tbls salt (use kosher it isn't as sharp as table salt)
    2-4 roasted anaheim peppers chopped
    2 mexibell red peppers chopped
    1 lg yellow onion diced
    4-6 tbls minced garlic
    2-3 tbls corn starch
    1 tbls red pepper flakes
    1 bay leaf (yeah I know it sounds off but it works)
    1/4 C olive oil
    1 12 oz bottle of Shiner Bock or equivilant beer
    Lotsa time and patience

    In a very large bowl, divide meat into two equal potions and combine throughly blend 1/4 of all spices into the mix. Lightly brown the meat over medium heat after all meat is browned remove and set aside. Deglaze pan over med-high heat using 1/2 of the beer and 2 tbls olive oil return all meat to pot add remaining spices, reduce heat to simmer and cook for approx 1/2 hour, add corn starch to meat and stir well add beef broth/stock and remaining beer to pot and peppers and stir well cover and simmer stirring often. This recipe normally requires 4-6 hours to be at it's best so it makes an excellent appetite enhancer as your guests enjoy it's scent as it's cooking. Taste after about three hours and adjust seasonings to your preference. Serve with thick chunks of sharp cheddar and mexican cornbread ENJOY!
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    That sounds awesome, I think I am going to have to try that when it gets cold out again! I am more of a soup guy over the summer and more a chili guy in the fall/winter.
  9. hey EZ how about a chili powder recipe
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    Chili without beans? Gah...

    It isn't chili if it doesn't have beans. Might as well put it on a sandwich and eat it like sloppy joes.
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    I understand chopped onions and cheese, but not pickles...:wtf1:
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    Hmmm-Yeah the pickles are new to me too. I like Sour Cream, Cheese and Fritos with my Chili. A friend from up North turned me onto the Sour Cream in the Chili experience! And it is GOOD!
  13. Try it with sour cream,cheese and jalapeños then dip the Frito's in it.
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    Eck! I just saw this blasphemous post. Shame on you, Bravo! :hitwithrock:Darn Yankee.

    We usually call that Frito Pie.
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  15. I wonder if you could make a pie-crust out of Frito's like you do with graham crackers. Thanks for the Idea TT. I think a Texas meat pie would be good. Maybe do the crust then the chili, then cheese,then a layer of refried beans (or not) then a layer of jalapeños and top it with sour cream. I think I have some small potpie tins. What do you think of "Double T G&G chili pie." I know it sounds a bit like taco salad. I'll let you know how it turns out.
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    I like to taste individual Fritos. I don't know if I want to have pulverized fritos lol. What I do I pour some Fritos on a plate and layer it with chili, cheese, onions, sometimes shredded lettuce and tomatoes depending on how much stuff I want to cut up, and sour cream.
  17. TT I do that with Doritos. Try it you'll love it. We call it taco salad. I was thinking of something like a pot pie sized tamale type thing. Maybe leave the sour cream off and serve it on the side.
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    I do that with Doritos but it's seasoned ground meat and not chili. Sometimes I'll make queso nachos and do that with doritos as well.
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    Texans just gotta be different huh?:09: