China Invasion

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  1. poltiregist

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    My information is China has massed troops just across the boarder from the United States in Canada . This done with the blessing of Canada's President . After the election don't be surprised to find an Chinese ground forces flowing down from the North . Do your research and you will likely find verification .
  2. Bakingsoda

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    This just doesn't make any sense .
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  3. jerry

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    Yeah and it’s goose season up there lol good luck China
  4. Huey Rider

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    Trump would be rushing troops up there and using it to bash bilbo and boost his own campaign. Could never hide all theses troop movements from the media and citizenry.
  5. China doesn't need troops yet, it has democRats...:mad:
  6. grizcty

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    I give ZERO credence to this.

    Canada is in such a tight China virus lock down right now.
    I met a Air Force fella on Thursday transferring up to Elmendorf. I asked him how his trip and driving conditions were. He said the trip was long, and conditions were OK. But was pizzed when he got to the Canadian border. It is strictly limited to essential travelers only. Which is trade/commerce and traveling military personnel only. He had his brother traveling with him since leaving N. Carolina, to take turns driving and get here faster. When they arrived at one of the U.S. Washington State/Canadian border crossings. He was told HE alone could enter Canada, because of his military orders. But his civilian brother could not, as he was a non essential traveler. He had to take his brother to Seattle, and fly him home from there.

    Also all vehicles are given time cards and time limits, for traveling across the Providences. Meaning you don't have time to loiter when in Canada. You need to bring your own food for the trip. Whitehorse city is off limits for non Canadians to enter. Fuel and some limited food items are available along the highway.
  7. SaigaAK74

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    Where is your information coming from? Why would China send troops here first? Makes no sense if there are not strategic locations targeted first instead of just swarming over the border with limited arms and resources. Do they have air support? Fuel trucks?
  8. chesterwin

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    Forget troops. The invasion has been sucking up intel. and tech. Trump sees. So should we.
  9. poltiregist

    poltiregist G&G Evangelist

    At least a mostly correct surmises . According to my sources U.S. artillery and personnel are being sent to the U.S. Canadian boarder . Reservist are being called up . Possible two front attack as it is also being reported Chinese troops are also massed in Mexico . Now I haven't personally seen those Chinese troops so I will not say this information can not be infallible . I am just saying do your research before dismissing this information .
  10. rangerjd

    rangerjd G&G Evangelist

    I'm calling BS. Even as liberal as Canada is, they are still one of our closest allies and the Canadian people would never stand for this, plus, Canada knows that if the US goes, so does Canada. I've worked with and trained with a lot a Canadians and they are the cream of the crop and will stand by us until the end. I truly believe this.
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  11. Bakingsoda

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    I contacted my cousins in Canada and they have heard nothing about this. Actually they said a number of things I won't repeat, but the answer was basically no.

    Common sense tells me if China started a mass troop movement our way, we would already be at war.
  12. rangerjd

    rangerjd G&G Evangelist

    If you've ever spent some time with Canadians, especially those out west, then you know that they are a very hardy lot. Hell, they have to hike in Grizzly country unarmed, because their government took their guns away. Lol Seriously though, this ain't happening in Canada or Mexico.
  13. poltiregist

    poltiregist G&G Evangelist

    You could very well be right . I decided to check a conventional source " youtube " . After a good bit of search I did find the information I sought . They were reporting on this matter complete with a video of the troops . However even the person reporting on this was like you guys and didn't believe the information he had just dug up . I can't stand by this information or dismiss it either but this is being reported by unconventional sources . --- Most of us know Biden took a bribe from China . China did not give him that money to show them groping moves . They expect something big in return for their money .
  14. rangerjd

    rangerjd G&G Evangelist

    As Abraham Lincoln said, you can believe anything you read or see on the internet!
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  15. chesterwin

    chesterwin G&G Evangelist

    Or not. :usa2:
  16. SaigaAK74

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    Well, right or wrong, in a couple of days, you will know.
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  17. chesterwin

    chesterwin G&G Evangelist

    I wish. It may be weeks or months from some sources. We'll see.
  18. blaster

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    I'd be more worried about the Muslim enclaves scattered around the Country than the Chinese. as seen in some of the links posted here in other threads, they are aligning themselves with ANTIFA, BLM and the radical left. they are already on our soil and have infiltrated our Gov't. they hate the U.S.A. and have been waiting for a chance for Jihad.
  19. BigEd63

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    The ones down in Mexico must be the 10,000 or 20,000 or 250,000 or WTF amount I've heard tossed out into the Patriot Community for the last 40years.
    Back when there was just printed media.

    I'm sorry the only real purpose of this type of DISINFORMATION is to make our side look like a bunch of ultra paranoid whack a doodles.
  20. Ten Man

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    I find this thread quite amusing!

    The Chinese have been invading the USSA for over 150 years, without ever firing a shot. They are on the verge of culminating their invasion, without a single Chinese Soldier being seen in public with a Chinese Uniform on.
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